Why Do Bongs Get You Higher – Do Marijuana Bongs Get You Higher

The reasons that bongs can get your higher sounds like an easy question to answer, but in fact, there are number of factors into what gets someone that pleasant buzz, or what takes them into another realm entirely. Here the truth often lies in what’s being used, the method of usage, and the duration of usage. The fact that bongs will affect you more than most other methods comes from the principles of how much THC is being delivered through system, and how well you use the method itself.

Why There’s an Argument

Some people find will forever clutch their cigarette certain this is the most reliable and fast way to find their own personal nirvana. Others scuff at the idea of “antiquated” methods and huff on their vaporizer. The problem here is these individuals are half right, at least from their own standpoints. These methods could have worked better for them depending on the experiences they have had with bongs.

Understanding What High Really Is

The last thing most people want to talk about when they want to get a good buzz on is just how complicated this is effect truly is to achieve. To make matters worse most information on this process is produced and printed by folks intent on stopping the use of marijuana and is typically less than 100% honest about this process.

THC or terahydrocannabinol is the main active ingredient in cannabis. While there is a possibly to be concerned about the use of this ingredient in developing brains of those under the age of sixteen, for adults the effect this has on the brain is temporary. What it does do is temporarily affect the communication between neurons in the brain. At the same time receptor cells in these locations are “rewarded” by the presence of THC. For most people this is pleasant experience that can also temporarily affect short-term memory, focus and mood. Terahydrocannabinol is the main active ingredient, but there are other active ingredients in cannabis that also affect how the brain works.

Where figuring out how to get high gets complex in the manner and method of getting high offering the most positive results. In other words what’s desired is having the right amount of THC along with other ingredients offering a positive effect.

Looking at the Strain

The amount of THC and other active ingredients that affect the user varies in different strains a given plant. Those enjoy certain affects over others can usually find what they want by trying different varieties. It’s easy to attribute a different or more pleasant sensation experienced while smoking, using a bong or vaporizing on the method, but often the difference is actually the variety of marijuana used.

Mood and Desires

Some highs and bad experiences with cannabis are related to the users food intake, amount of sleep, and general mood before ingesting it. This is true of any type of drug taken, and plays a part in what are sometimes called “let downs”. There are times when the same strain of weed, the same method, and even the same environment will all lead toward a different experience. In this case what’s different are the individuals own personal chemicals. Physical factors inside a person’s own body can even affect how much a person is able to absorb during inhalation of marijuana.

Sapping Out THC

All the various methods for taking marijuana has the potential effect of sapping the THC out of a bud before the user gets a chance to ingest it. The worst offender in sapping out the active ingredients of the plant is smoking the weed as a cigarette. The temperature required for combustion is 451 F., and you start to see a loss of terahydrocannabinol at 385 F. or higher. The same thing occurs with the bong, but as impurities are filter out by the water.

Vaporizers keep the temperatures much lower, but don’t render as much of the end result of heating the plant directly to the user, which results in slightly less terahydrocannabinol entering the individual’s body, although this is the purist way to achieve a high. The user of a vaporizer will need to use more weed to get the same high as bong.

But Can the Bong Get Me Higher?

The short answer is yes, a bong can get an individual higher potentially. The reason a bong is one of the most effective methods of getting THC is this is the most effective way to get high, and offers a purer high without too much loss of active ingredients through combustion. Naturally, the rate of inhalation, and the person own ability to absorb the active ingredients affect the amount of terahydrocannabinol entering the body. Still, the bong offers the best possibility of getting achieving the high you want.