White Widow Seeds Review – The Best “White” Marijuana Seed Bank Online

Welcome to our White Widow Seeds review! Below you will find links to some of the finest “white” marijuana seeds online. Our selection is broken into the top three regular and feminized seeds, as well as a link to our selection of the best of the rest from this legendary Dutch seed bank.

When it comes to this type of marijuana strain, nobody comes close to the seeds on offer from this Dutch based seed bank. White Widow Seeds (W.W.S) ship their seeds worldwide, and are also the only seed bank to accept Paypal as a method of payment. Besides having Paypal as a means of payment, other typical options such as payment by bank transfer, credit card and cash are also available.

To place an order with this seed bank, and receive 10 free white widow seeds with every order, simply place your order through any of our unique links below! As always here on our site, when you click on any link below, a new page will open which will allow you to browse each strain while keeping this page open. Enjoy!

Our Choice Of Top Three Regular Strains
Big Bud x White Widow

The first noticeable quality about the Big
and White Widow combined is this is a pale plant compared to most. The color shouldn’t fool beginners, as this is a strong Indica type strain with the all the characters noted from both Big Bud and White Widow. During flowering this plant develops a strong aroma, and is considered a good choice for those who haven’t tried growing in the past, as it is a hearty indoor and outdoor strain.  It is resistant to insects, fungus and mold. The end product has 20% of THC and is considered a relaxing choice, which doesn’t produce paranoia or anxiety.

The buds are dense, and the end product will have some darker leaves mixed with light. The hair on the plant is white giving it a frosted appearance. Another notable attribute of this strain is the aroma smells like roses and citrus, and when smoked it tastes like tea.

White Sensation

This is the best choice for those who want a small, but powerful plant. This is an Indica and Sativa strain of cannabis that grows hard buds with silvery white hair. It remains busy, but is resinous and has a higher than average THC level. This strain is considered easy to grow. First developed in Amsterdam this was created using strains from Brazil
and India.
With a flowering cycle of 8 weeks it is a top choice for growers. True to its
name it can be recognized by its hearty appearance and white frosty hair.  In light it glistens with white crystals.

The end result produces feelings of relaxation, but this is an energetic high making it a good choice for socializing when smoked lightly.

White Skunk

This is a grade A Indica dominant hybrid type grown for a number of outstanding qualities. The quality that gives this plant its name is a whiff of ammonia amidst a strong smell of fruit. When smoked there’s a sweet taste, but it’s not as strong as the aroma of the plant itself.
Often grown for medicinal use it’s considered potent enough for chronic pain. Smokers recognize it by the pale leaf with orange hairs and heavy
crystallization.  Growers consider this an easy plant with a high yield.

The vapor from this choice creamy and using a vaporizer brings out the flavors of sage and the taste of oranges.

The effects are strong buzz, and some experience fuzzy thinking. As a medical choice it’s favored for its immediate effect. The mind is almost immediately away from any feelings of discomfort. Recreationally it’s known for offering total relaxation, but also brings out creative thinking.

Our Choice Of Top Three Feminized Seeds

Big Bud

While not a perfect grade A strain it’s popularity makes this plant a hit with growers. This is a hybrid Indica dominate type with big light green leaves, frosty buds, and frosted orange hairs. Very popular for it’s medical use, it offers a sweet, but strong flavor of grapes. The effects typically last 1.5 to 2 hours. The plant itself is has dank smell with a hint of a sour musty odor.

The effects that make this such as good choice for those who need it medically is the fact effects are initially mellow, but a stronger buzz comes gradually. Symptoms are eased considerably, but tactile sensations remain. Those with diminished appetites see improvement.
Recreational users find this is a good choice for time alone, spent channel
surfing, but not for daytime use. It does cause some distractibility.


A strong indoor plant this is an Indica Sativa mix with a THC content of 20%. Flowering 8 weeks it is considered moderately difficult to grow, but in high demand. It was created from a combination of Super Skunk and a South Indian cannabis strain. It can be grown outdoors and indoors. Indoors you count on of eight to nine weeks. The smell from this plant is flora and fruity combined with a slight skunk smell. Because it is hard to find, but enjoyed by many it is always in high demand.

This is a thick, dense light green cannabis plant covered in orange hairs. It’s known for a high number of buds, and potency.

Effects are quick, and as the name implies it is a good choice for those who love the buzz associated with a stronger than average potency. It is not considered a high-energy choice, but it is good for those experiencing restive or out of touch feelings.

White Ice

While still a high-grade selection some growers are surprised by the demand for White Ice. This is a sativa dominant hybrid. Light green with bright orange hairs the coating of crystals is harder to see, but still present.  There is a silver gleam of resin hence the name given to this plant. Fast to flower, it is can be grown indoors or out. The aroma of the plant is lemony with a musty after fragrance. The taste is also lemony, with an unusual hard to define, but not unpleasant aftertaste.

The strain is a hybrid of Northern Lights, Dutch Skunk and Afghani hash.

This is a daytime or nighttime choice for smokers or vaporizer users. Smokers will see a heavy oily smoke. Those using the vaporizer will see less of the aftertaste, and a linger aroma of lemon.
This offers a euphoric state of mind quickly, but most remain clear headed with little hazy or dreamy affects.

White Widow Seeds Review

With some of the best genetics worldwide powered by Mother Nature herself, this marijuana seed bank provide some of the best quality and organically grown seeds online.

Their belief is one of being at one with the cannabis strain and these marijuana loving hippies might just be right!

When you place an order here, you not only gain the knowledge of time honoured growers but also introduce yourself to some of the finest strains in the world.

Our top choices include Big Bud x White Widow, Cannaphrodisiac, and White Skunk. It’s no secret that this marijuana breeder develops some of the best “White” strains online, but in reality just about every strain they develop is equally as mind blowing as each other!

Typical options of credit cards, cash, bank transfer are also available at this marijuana seed giant. But what makes this seed bank even more special is the ability to also pay by paypal – a first in the marijuana seed industry!

And with 10 FREE white widow seeds with every order it’s a favorite among many serious marijuana growers!

Wrapping Things Up

So once again, there you have it – our White Widow Seeds review! We genuinely hope we might have helped you choose the best seeds for your grow, and hope that you are as impressed as us with some of the strains on offer from this seed bank.

In case you may have forgotten, we thought we’d better mention it again.. When you order seeds from this Dutch cannabis seed bank through any of the links here on our website, you automatically receive 10 free white widow seeds with every order!

Order now from W.W.S and claim your discount by clicking the link below!