Where To Store Your Bong – Keep it Of Sight!

A question you will find in many chats and online forums revolves around a quirky problem. Where to store a bong? For some owners it’s a matter or privacy or even secrecy while for others it’s the fear of an accident. After all when a costly glass apparatus sits on a table or shelf in a home with cats, dogs, or a clumsy house guest this is an expensive accident waiting to happen. Storing a water pipe then is a concern for many, as are the why’s and how’s of taking care to keep this device functioning as long as possible.

Keeping the Box

A few who answer the response about how they store their bong appear to have considered this question very early in their ownership. Their solution was to keep the box the bong came in, and often even the bubble wrap. This keeps the item safe not only from accident, but when the box isn’t marked as containing a water pipe this also keeps it from prying eyes.

The Locked Box Solution

There are those apparatus, which come with a decorative or stylized box. These often look much like those used for jewelry or a musical instrument. Not only does this keep the device from potential harm, it also creates a nice element of suspense and drama when the bong is removed for use with friends.

Foot Lockers

Footlockers are a popular place to store many different private things including water pipes. These can be locked usually, and are large enough to accommodate even a larger device. The footlocker is a common site in many dorm rooms, and households. The only problem is this is the first place a snoop will look for items the owner wants to keep private.

The Closet

The closet is where many objects we hold near and dear go to hide or stay safe. If the place to keep the pipe is the closet the best plan is to place it on a shelf. This will keep it more secure as objects are sometimes tossed near the bottom of most storage places. If this is a glass pipe keeping it in a box that’s sturdier than cardboard is still recommended.

Under the Bed

This could be a safe place, except for the fact robbers or snoopers will almost always check here. The next problem with this hiding place is the dust, which accumulates in this spot. Since the air circulation under most large pieces of furniture is compromised dust that find a way, often remains. Anyone who stores the bong in amongst the dust bunnies in this place should always clean it out before using it.

The Hiding Places

For those really needing secrecy a suggestion is to find those spots such as hollow speaker stands, and inside similar spots where most people will never to think to look. Others have gone for the “in plain site” technique of placing a lampshade over the water pipe and leaving it in the open on a table. Of course, this method only reduces the possibility of discovery, and doesn’t diminish the chance of damage to the device.

Before Storage

Before storing this apparatus it’s naturally necessary to empty the water from the apparatus, and clean the inside. While it might not be necessary to do a complete tear down, and clean up wiping down the inside of the device as well as the bowl is a good idea to avoid orders. It’s also in the best interest of keeping the device working at its best to rinse out the stem, and wipe off the mouthpiece with a little alcohol before placing it away. This is especially true if the hiding or secure place for the bong isn’t completely arid, as this will encourage the growth of mold or bacteria. Cleaning by flushing with alcohol and then repeatedly rinsing in hot water is recommended.

Locking it Up

If a snoop or thief is determine they will find this device, and these are the common targets of theft. Thieves know this item isn’t likely to be reported if stolen, and so having it in an unsecure place where others have access to it is risky. A cabinet, drawers, closets, or lockers secured with a lock are a good choice in this sort of environment. So to is keeping information regarding a pricey bong mum except around a trusted group of friends.

Preventing Disaster

Given the expense of owning and keeping certain types of water pipes or vaporizers taking a few steps to prevent theft, breakage, or discovery isn’t paranoia. Rather this is common sense as this is an item, which isn’t likely to be re-located by law enforcement or covered under insurance. Keeping the bong safe offers the security of knowing a buzz is always within reach.