Where Is Salvia Legal – Where Can You Buy Salvia

The leaves of a Salvia plant contain psychoactive properties. Using these leaves for this purpose, or owing these in almost any form is legal in most countries. It is illegal in a few countries under certain circumstances, and in many countries its use or ownership is controlled. Laws regarding this substance often change as attitudes toward its use for one reason or another are altered. These changes are either for more regulation or occasionally for less regulation as communities shift their opinions regarding the use of this and other psychotropic plants and chemical substances.

Where is Salvia Not Legal?

There is some form or control of this plant, or the use of its leaves in the European countries of Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden, and Turkey. Austria views this as a controlled substance, and the U.K. has considered regulation of the use of this plant, but thus far it is not controlled throughout the country. In Australia any substance related to the salvia divinorum is a Schedule 9 drug, which means it is prohibited to own under most conditions.

Is It Legal in the U.S?

As a plant or substance this isn’t controlled in the U.S., and isn’t regulated under the Controlled Substances Act. There are several states that have passed laws of their own. State laws, unlike federal laws only affect the particular state, but anyone entering or leaving must abide by each individual state’s laws. Thus far Delaware, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, Virginia, and Texas have such laws against the use or ownership of Salvia. This means when entering these states it would be illegal to bring this plant in, no matter the form. It’s illegal to have this substance while in the state, and laws also prohibit leaving the state with any form of the plant.

Other states have proposed legislation of Salvia divinorum in many other states such as Alaska, and New York. Since these changes can occur as soon as new laws are passed those who wish to use this substance in an unfamiliar state should check for that state prior to owning, using, or selling it.

Reasons for Laws

The bans and controlling of this substance are based exclusively on its potential for abuse and no other definitive reasons. No one has died from the use of this as a recreational drug, but in the past lawmakers have concerns regarding the health and safety of those who take it. As any psychoactive can affect the behavior of the person taking them no matter how briefly as is the case with this plant’s leaves, the concern is that those taking it could place themselves at risk. Also a factor in the decisions of lawmakers is the belief that taking one type of psychoactive drug will lead to other stronger types of drugs. This theory of “gateway” recreational drugs is one of the reasons many hallucinogens, which do not cause overdose and aren’t physically addicting is another of the reasons for laws banning its use. Order salvia from the top stores online by visiting our review section now!