Best Vaporizer For Weed – What Is The Best Marijuana Vaporizer

In the last few years’ vaporizers popularity has led to innovations in design, portability, and improved delivery system. As this type of product has more public acceptance and legal issues involving cannabis ease in some places in the U.K. and America it’s possible even more products will be developed. In looking at the various choices possible it’s clear what can be viewed as the best comes down to an individual’s desires, and uses.

Strongest Vaporizer

Those who have smoked for a while and know their dosage level often see the best possible delivery as the strongest. This means lots of strong, consistent vapor. In the first few designs of this type of device strength wasn’t a problem, but consistency was an issue. This problem is now a past concern, and some of the best designs in terms of strength and lots of vapor is found in the newer portable designs such as found with the Volcano, Plenty, Firefly, VapeXhale or Herbalizer.

These units all produce a strong vapor that requires a shorter draw duration time. For those who are certain of dosage, and want to a fast delivery this cuts the usually duration of 10 to 15 seconds down to 2, and most who use these have no complaints regarding the draw in terms of taste or smell. Some have found these stronger draws offer a suggestion of “warm popcorn” as far as odor is concerned.

Easiest To Clean and Use

The Volcano is a balloon vaporizer, and it fits on a few “best” lists. This is among the easiest to clean as well as having a fast draw. Density of the vapor on this unit is controlled by how finely the mixture is grounded. There are two models available for this unit including a classic or digital version. The digital has a digital temperature gauge in the front allowing exact measurement while the classic has a dial. Some who’ve reviewed the product believe the digital model has a lower temperature fluctuation, but not all reviewers agree. Both models stay very close to the ideal vapor temperature desired by the user. This type of device is easy to clean because it uses a balloon, which lasts up to 4 months. These allow the user to keep to a very exact dosage with a simple way to measure the size. Residue doesn’t get into the internal parts of this device, so cleaning is as easy as replacing the balloon, or rinsing it out between uses.

Works with Both Herbs and Concentrates

The Herbalizer is the strongest vaporizers on the market according many reviewers. The downside is it’s not the most portable. It is however, in the opinion of many the best to use for both herbs and concentrates. This device also offers balloon or whip use. The performance of this unit stands up to other vaporizers, and the time it takes to heat up is typically shorter than many other smaller, more portable devices. The temperature control is among the most precise among others with this type of delivery system.

Most Popular Portable

One of the most popular names in smaller portables is the Firefly. This one is impressive because its small size doesn’t hold it back from producing a strong, consistent vapor with a short draw opposed to a long one. This device has a sleek appearance, and most people who don’t use this type of product will often not even notice it, or automatically guess it’s use. Even better it’s so portable it will fit in pocket.

While the draw is quick and tasty for this unit, the downside is its batteries run down fast, and perhaps a bigger issue for some is that it’s a convection style meaning the unit uses heated air to create vapor from the mixture used, and usually takes a few minutes longer before it’s possible to draw from it.

Best Portable Without Batteries

With some things running on batteries one of the stress some are trying to ease with recreation use of herbs is near constant concern over battery life. WISPR is a butane unit so there’s no chance of seeing the dreaded surprise battery warning light when the unit hasn’t even been in use. This is also the best choice for places where constant recharging is a problem. The downside is that butane in this device just as with butane lighters is messy, smelly, and extreme care must be used in adding more fluid to the unit as it is highly combustible. The plus here is as long as the owner has butane there’s no need for electricity, and the device heats quickly. The unit is easy to use, and there’s no hint of the butane in the taste. The draw is a bit slower, but there’s very little wait time for this vaporizer to heat up. Check out more on vaporizers at a marijuana seed bank such as And if you’re looking for a coupon code, then check out Couponchief for 25% off at Seedsman.