What Does Salvia Feel Like?

Salvia grows wild in some parts of the southwest, and it’s found in the gardens of some avid planters who have no idea of its ancient uses as a holistic medicine. This plant gets its name from this history as “Seer’s Sage” or “Diviner’s Sage” as its purpose was to help those involved in its ritual use sees reality differently. This particular sage offers those who eat the leaves of the plant hallucinatory experiences or “visions”.

The Original Location and Appearance of Seer’s Sage

This sage plant originally developed in Sierra Mazateca of Oaxaca Mexico. The plant, which grows to an average of 4 inches high, is found in shady, humid, or damp locations. The large leaves grow from hollow square stems. The plant occasionally blooms with white flowers with violet calyxes. It’s doubtful the plant developed naturally with intervention as non-domesticated plants seldom produce seed in the same way as this plant. It’s possible this is a hybrid of two or more indigenous plants.

Prior to the introduction of Catholicism throughout Mexico the plant was used by shaman during healing practices, and afterwards was incorporated into local practices of the Catholic faith and the plant was given names corresponding to the tradition connecting the use of the plant with the Virgin Mary. Along with offering the visions the plant was used to treat a number aliments, including anemia, headaches, and to act as a natural diuretic.

What “Seers” Experience

Using this sage to have a momentary departure from the norm and seeing the world in an altered perceptive spans generations. This is not the same experience for most people as smoking marijuana or taking LSD. This is a shorter and more intense experience. For the majority of people using this herbal form of hallucinogenic, the effects are a feeling of being out of the body, or having an experience that is unique to them such as seeing the world in a completely different way than they had ever imagined. Most that take this sage have a very positive experience.

For a minority of those who try this plant’s leaves however there is a brief but intensely negative experience. Chiefly those who feel out of control or feel psychological discomfort have taken too much the first time. Some also have a negative experience if they are in the middle of working out problems or issues over which they have little control. Those people who have difficulty with “letting go” will at times have an effect they don’t appreciate.

The Importance of a Third Party

Having someone nearby who can sit with the person taking the leaves of this plant in any form is highly recommended. This person can make sure nothing out the order occurs to the person while having the experience, and also to give comfort should a negative experience unfold. No one should ever attempt to leave a safe area while taking having using these leaves, or take on any activity for at least an hour after the experience concludes. Discover where to buy this amazing legal high by visiting our reviews section now!