What Does Kratom Do And How Long Does It Last?

Kratom taken as tea, powder, or capsule is a leaf herb used for hundreds of years in Southeast Asia. This herb is unusual in that higher and lower dose will have very different effects. Measuring the amount of Kratom, or knowing in advance how much you are taking is very important to ensure the desired effect.

Lower Doses of Kratom

Lower doses less than 20 grams of this herb will usually act as a stimulant. The effect at this amount is compared to several energy drinks or a mild stimulant. Most people report feeling energized, up beat and talkative. The effect is without the “crash” experienced when taking caffeine or large amounts of sugar. Most people report no side effects unless the herb is taken very often at close intervals and the effect here is more the body’s reaction to energy output over time. Using the herb too often can then cause fatigue after several days use without a break unless it is used very sparingly. The stimulate effect will last four to six hours for most people at lower dose.

Mid-Range Doses

Taking a mid-range dose of 20 to 25 grams is most typically used for pain relief. Here the effect will dull the effects of pain such as experienced from a sprain, head ache or back pain. In Southeast Asia this along with the stimulate effect are the reasons the Kratom’s leaves are chewed. As a tea it is easy to take and the effect will last for several hours or more depending on the amount taken.

Larger Doses

Larger dose of more than 25 grams result in feeling positive and upbeat and range to those who experience a overall peace, contentment or mild euphoria. This dosage is taken by those who are experiencing pain or who use this to recreationally experience a more positive outlook. The only side effects reported at this level are nausea, and a lack of concentration. Due to the sleepiness or inability to pay close attention to details it’s recommended not to take this high a dose if driving, or in an environment that’s potential dangerous such as around heavy machinery, or when cooking. This effect can last up to 24 hours, and some still have a “glow” for a day after taking this level the herb.

Dealing with Nausea

The tea is very bitter tasting, and most people will want to take the tea either by drinking it very quickly, or by adding something sweet such as honey. Some people have best results in avoiding nausea by eating something light beforehand while others do better only eating something such as a piece of toast or crackers only if they begin to feel nauseous after drinking the tea. Nausea in itself usually doesn’t last long, but it can be unpleasant to deal with, so for those using the tea for the first time it’s advised to only drink as much as necessary to have the desired effect.

Kratom Uses Review

Despite being viewed as some as a somewhat “grey” or “shady” area in pain relief supplements, the fact of the matter is that this “legal drug” has shown nothing but positive effects in those who use it. Well known for its positive effects in those suffering from pain, nausea and other pain related ailments, it has been hailed by many as the wonder drug of the 21st century, despite some states in the USA taking a staunch stance on its legality by simply banning it outright.

Just as with marijuana, why they feel the need to ban such a powerful and effective relaxant and pain relieving natural product is beyond the scope of this article, but you can take it from us that kratom and its use in modern day living is by far the most natural and successful treatment to a whole range of medical problems you are likely to ever come across – period.

Where To Buy Kratom Online

Of course with purchasing such a “shady” product online comes the associated risks. While there basically scammers in almost every corner of the internet, the sad fact is that many tend to prey in areas such as this since they realize that due to the nature of the product, many purchasers of this product will simply not report such a crime as they don’t want their local authorities knowing of their “crime”.

In an effort to combat this growing and emerging trend, here we have listed and reviewed only the most well known and trusted kratom suppliers online to help you in your efforts to experience this wonder drug for yourself. Each store has been trading successfully online for many years, and are our very own personal selection of tried and trusted sources to boot.

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