What Do You Need To Smoke Salvia – Smoking Salvia Explained

Salvia is different than most highs. With a fast response, and unusual list of effects it is has been likened to a LSD trip set on fast-forward. In order to smoke salvia there’s more to it than simply setting up the bong, or rolling the cigarette. People who have the best experience, and retained a sense of control over the effects have mentally prepared themselves and created a safe environment in which to smoke.

Following an Old Plan

This isn’t a new high. Instead this is a centuries old method of achieving a higher state of mind. S. divinorum was used in the Sierra Mazateca area of Mexico for hundreds of years. Shaman and those who sought their aid used the leaves of this plant treat aliments including anemia, headaches, or other aliments. Those who used it the found it in the cloud forests of this region, and the methods of drying the plant and using it were kept a secret.

Head Shops and Online

In this generation Maria Pastora as it was once known is available in head shops and online. It lies next to synthetic drugs, bongs and other easy ways to get high. Still, this drug rightful has an air of mystery. It’s not LSD although it’s capable of many of the same effects. Smoked in the same way as marijuana it’s convenient and easy to use, but it’s far more intense than this type of psychedelic herb. Like magic mushrooms and DMT it gives the user a glimpse of a inner world most people never see, and yet it is both purely natural and fast acting.

Quick and Powerful

Getting lulled into a false sense of security is easy with a drug that offers such as fast experience. If you compared this with winter sports however, Maria Pastora is not the skier’s Bunny Hill. This is the fast paced slide of the luge. Taking some time to prep is worth the effort in making the most of the experience while still have some feelings of control. Selecting the setting, and the most familiar and easy method to smoke will enhance the overall effect and benefit the smoker. Most people have rolled a cigarette or used a bong before and it’s possible to use both these methods to enjoy salvia. Using a familiar or easiest method possible will also take some of the anxiety away from the first having the first encounter with Diviner’s sage.

Cigarette Smoking Salvia

While there are many differences between marijuana and S. divinorum, rolling a blunt with it is very much the same. It’s possible to use the same paper you find at any head shop or online. The big plus with using paper is that like divinorum it’s legal in most places to have rolling papers, while in some areas having a bong is considered being in possession of drug paraphernalia. Measure out the amount to be roll as you normal would any dried leaf. Cut the tip if there’s not material there, and light up.

The Boom in the Gong

You don’t need a bong, but if you can use one this is a great method of smoking salvia. Again it’s very important to measure out the amount carefully. Recommended amounts can look small inside the bowl, especially compared the amounts needed for cannabis. Keep in mind less divinorum is necessary than with other similar psychedelics. No changes need to be made to the bong itself, and this can be used in the same way as other herbs.

Planning Ahead

You will need to have someone who is trusted, and who will remain sober while you have this experience. This person can summon help in an emergency or simply help keep you grounded if anything gets too intense. While you know while not under the influence where you are, and what you are doing things can get fuzzy later. So having someone around to let you know what is, and is not a hallucination is a good plan. This will need to be a very good friend since you will both need to turn off cell phones, music, and the television until the effects have worn off. Typically most people see the end of true effects after 30 minutes, but this can seem a lifetime without other distraction. Your friend and guide might deserve at least a snack in thanks.

Getting Comfortable

Go about setting up the room. Low lighting is best so if you have some darker colored lights or at least softer bulbs for this room these will work best. Harsh lighting will often impact negatively when the experience begins. Many people have found its best to rest and mediate a few minutes at least before beginning. This will help in establishing the right frame of mind before smoking.