Volcano Vaporizer Review – Best Vaporizer For Sale – Reviewed

You’ve told yourself and everyone who will listen that you aren’t smoking tobacco, so you are much safer than someone who buys commercial cigarettes. This is true of course, but deep down you know the cost and affect smoking hand rolled cannabis is having on you. The dry skin and hair, the red eyes, and the hacking cough aren’t allergies. Or is this an allergy? No, not to marijuana, but to the carbons and other carcinogens you inhale every time you light up. It’s time to try a new, smoother, cleaner, purer, healthier, and much better tasting way to have a perfect moment of bliss. The Volcano vaporizer is a much better method of enjoying the experience of cannabis, and this model is the perfect one for those with little or no know-how in using vapor.

It’s not the Weed, It’s the Smoke!

Most first time users or vapor are surprised by taking a first puff and not finding any need to cough, or any pressure in their lungs. The Volcano is able to deliver this smooth taste, and allow you to have a great taste with minimum set up, or high tech savvy.

How it arrives At the Door

You can have this model delivered right to your door. The shipping packaging doesn’t alert anyone to what’s inside, but once you have in your possession you will notice the professional way the unit is packed. This impression will extend to the obvious care that goes into the manufacture of this product. Construction of the Volcano is comparable to that of high-end tech devices, or appliances.

The Pieces Come Together

In your box you will find the base heating unit, the mouthpiece, and the filling chamber. Don’t panic there’s also a very easy to read instructional manual. The base heating, in the unit has a dial temperature control. Among the reasons for the Volcano’s popularity is the element inside this base works so quickly. There is no waiting around as is common with some vaporizers. It takes only a few minutes to reach the temp to fill the chamber, and then you can select the best temperature for your own needs. The chamber holds roughly 4 to 5 grams of finely ground marijuana. Grinding the fill will make it easier to pack, and it will offer a better taste once activated.

Easy to Use

The parts are easy to snap together so there’s no guess work involved in putting setting it up. The balloon is easier to use even for newbies than might be expected, and the mouthpiece snaps into place. The mouthpiece is often mentioned as some users favorite part since this is fitted with a pressure release mouth tip so the capture balloon doesn’t deflate. The balloon attached to the mouthpiece won’t over-inflate either, so there’s danger of sudden nasty surprise popping sound coming from the vaporizer. This is one of the top devices as far as designers seeming to understand what will confound, confuse, or worry a new customer.

The Taste

If you have never used a vaporizer before you will be amazed by the first draw, and if you have used one before the Volcano will not disappoint. There’s no charred taste as with smoking, and even toward the end of a session there’s no taste of burnt popcorn either. The smell, if you aren’t using the vapor, is much like the aroma of freshly made popcorn mixed with mint. For those who are using the warm smell is that of leaves with no sour mixture of carbon or smoke. The balloon allows the contents in the chamber to gather a bit more while cooling. The effect makes it easy to draw in fairly deeply, and there’s no need to hold it. The effectiveness of the draw from the vap is better than smoking so there’s no need to hold the breath after intake.

A Little Goes a Long Way

As little as 3 grams will last several hours between two people. This enables the user to have a more efficient use of the cannabis, and enjoy it longer. While there are a few portables that offer a faster, slightly more efficient experience in experiencing a strong effect, the smaller devices will not have as large a chamber. It’s also harder to use solids or oils in smaller devices.

Better Than Smoking

Since THC is released at roughly 360 F. some people find they will have to experiment and play with the temperature to achieve the same results as with smoking. Instructions come with the Volcano, so it’s best to use the settings suggested, but it is possible to change these during the session bringing the heat up and down. It is possible to achieve the same high in the same amount of time with this vaporizer, but it might take some practice on the part of the user.