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When it comes to the best selection of vaporizers for sale, bongs, and all things marijuana related Sensible Seeds is our number one choice by far. Despite being a U.K based retailer, all prices on their website are displayed in $USD, making their wide range of products and outstanding prices all the more notable. Considered as being among the most elite marijuana seed retailers online, they stock an incredible selection of more than 3000 marijuana strains. Lately they have branched out into the “head shop” section of the marijuana industry to provide some much needed and fresh competition to the market. With their discreet worldwide shipping service (3 – 5 days to USA),  and option to insure your precious purchases against ANY mishaps in the mail, this really is the one stop vaporizer retailer for those who seek peace of mind, quality products, and unbeatable prices. Credit cards, bank transfer, and cash / checks by mail are accepted as methods of payment with this marijuana mega store.
Order Through The Link Below For The Highest Discount On Your Purchase! offer the largest selection of all the vaporizer stores that we review. With that being said, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the cheapest though. However if you’re searching for a truly mind blowing collection of vaporizers such as the classic Volcano vaporizer, then you’ve surely come to the right spot! Featured in almost every major newspaper, radio and television station in the world, and averaging over 50 million hits on their website every month, is arguably the world’s biggest and best smoking website. All packages are shipped in a discreet non conspicuous way as plain padded envelopes or boxes, and all products are shipped worldwide. As yet another U.K based smoke shop, orders placed via UPS will generally their destination within 48 hours for customers in Europe and the USA. Customers from elsewhere in the world can expect to receive their product a day or two later. accept credit and debit cards, Bank transfers, Postal/Money orders and Checks / Cash in the mail as methods of payment.
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With a forum that boasts over 530,000 members, 17million posts, and  20 million page views per month, Grasscity is a major presence in the online marijuana and “head shop” scene. With a history dating back to early 2000, here they specialize in all things marijuana related. If it’s vaporizers, bongs, rolling and smoking accessories, or 420 apparel you’re searching for, then look no further that Grasscity. Located in Amsterdam – Europe, they ship their products worldwide to every corner of the globe in a secure and discreet packaging. Methods of payment at this online super store include credit cards and bank transfer.
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As another yet another U.K based head shop, HerbTools offer some of the most competitively priced vaporizers for sale online. Combined with their cheapest UK next day delivery prices, you really can pick up a quality vaporizer for a fraction of what you may find yourself paying elsewhere. Herbtools ship their products to all countries worldwide while ensuring that all items are boxed safely and discreetly in plain packaging for your privacy. Whether it’s vaporizers, grinders, glass bongs, bubbler pipes or any other smoking accessories, you can guarantee to find them in the Herbtools online store. All products are shipped in plain packaging while, glass bongs, vaporizers and other fragile items are double boxed to ensure they arrive in top condition.  If for some reason you receive your precious product and it is broken or damaged, simply let them know as soon as you receive it and they will replace it free of charge! Payment options here are credit cards, debit cards and sage pay only.
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As the first USA based retailer on our list – specialize in retailing the best vaporizers on the market. When you purchase any vaporizer you automatically qualify for a free grinder and free shipping to anywhere in the USA. What’s more – also offer a price match guarantee – meaning that if you discover the same product for sale on another U.S based online vaporizer store, they will match that price guaranteed! Just make sure to email them BEFORE you make your purchase to save yourself any trouble. All packages are safely and discreetly sent in a secure plain box and you can expect to receive your product within 3-5 business days.Debit cards, Credit Cards, Paypal and Bitcoin are all accepted as methods of payment.
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Last up in our list of top vaporizer retailers online is yet another US based retailer -EZVapes. With an impressive range of  over 1300 vaporizers and smoking related products, EZVapes offer free USPS priority shipping on all orders over $50 to all customers from the USA. In fact, all customers in the United States can expect to receive their products from between 1-3 business days at no extra cost. Customers from Canada and other international countries can expect to pay a nominal fee for shipping. EZvapes protect your privacy and security by packaging and shipping your precious products in a rugged plain box that gives no hint of what may be contained inside. The return address will simply display as “Warehouse”, while your credit or debit card statement will be billed discreetly as “EZVP”. As yet another vaporizer store to offer a price match guarantee, it certainly pays to shop around! EZVapes secure payment processor accepts Credit and Debit cards only.
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Choosing The Best Vaporizer Store

Today’s vaporizer market is filled with so many choices that people are only really limited by their budget.

There are vaporizers for inexpensive budgets and others that suit people willing to spend a little more. So, no matter the amount of money you have to spend, you can be sure there’s something out there for every budget!

With the many choices on the market today, a lot of people don’t know what vaporizer might work for their needs. They might stumble upon one type that catches their interest, only to find that another one might actually work better for them. Luckily for them, it’s not hard at all to find a good enough vaporizer to ‘get the job done.’ In this short article, we’re going to take a look at how you can choose the best vaporizer for your needs.

Choosing the best vaporizer

The sheer amount of vaporizers available on the current market is staggering. There are handheld vapes, completely portable vapes, inhalable vapes and even fully automated ones. With all these choices, the possibilities are pretty much endless.

That brings us to the choices. The many choices available today vary, typically based on many factors often related to their construction.

Handheld vaporizers

Handheld versions are pretty much as they’re described—portable vaporizers that easily fit into a pocket or bag. Most of these resemble a cigarette and may be made of glass. Most handheld vapes are sold as e-cigarettes, typically made from a combination of plastic, metal and, sometimes, glass.

While some glass ones need to be used with a lighter, others have completely automated heat in the form of an electric heat source. Electronic vaporizers generally need batteries, either rechargeable or regular batteries, to be used on a regular basis.

Stationary vaporizers

Stationary or desktop vaporizers work best from the comfort of your home. Even though these are decidedly not as portable as their handheld counterparts, what they do offer in exchange for the convenience is their efficiency.

These vaporizers have many features that can help users regulate how their vaporizing ‘product’ gets heated and eventually vaporized. Many models have efficient working heating elements with temperature control devices, in addition to controls that can even control how the vapor is produced.

They’re also much more durable than a standard portable vaporizer, though you will have to pay a little more to own one of these.

The price of a good vaporizer

If you’re planning to buy one of these smoking apparatuses, it’s pretty much a good idea to have some kind of budget in mind.

  • Portable ones are naturally the cheapest, due to the fact that they’re smaller and lack the features that the comparatively more expensive stationary ones can offer.
  • People who are a budget should ultimately choose a portable model if they want to have a vaporizer at “the right price”.

On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with spending a little more for a stationary one, as they tend to be more durable and offer more vaporization options than the standard portable vape.

Higher quality models, whether portable or not, tend to last longer than others. Naturally, they’re also more expensive than their cheaper counterparts. Due to circumstances like this, it’s usually a great idea to read reviews about certain popular vaporizers on the market, so you can understand if certain vaporizers are as reliable as they claim. Luckily here we have taken the time to find and list only the leading vaporizer companies online, in order to help you choose the best one for your needs.

Of course, many websites that sell these highly prized smoking apparatuses will include a warranty on the purchase that you make through them. So, if you end up breaking or getting a defective vaporizer, you can often get a replacement as soon as possible.