Ups And Downs Of Outdoor Marijuana Growing

Unfortunately the war on drugs makes growing marijuana outdoors possibly the riskiest pot project a stoner can undertake.
Next to smuggling marijuana.

The problems an outdoor marijuana grower may encounter are numerous.

1) Marijuana Rippers
2) Police Helicopters
3) Wildlife Eating Cannabis Crop
4) Poor Marijuana Planting Season

Of course there are numerous rewards growing outdoor marijuana. Including incredibly heavy yielding marijuana plants when grown correctly. Here are some things to consider when growing marijuana outdoors successfully.

First start with great marijuana seeds. Purchase marijuana seeds designed specifically for outdoor marijuana growing. Some marijuana strains take much longer to produce marijuana bud (flower) than other marijuana strains.

Selecting the right marijuana strain for your climate is critical.

Many new outdoor marijuana growers have chosen to use autoflowering marijuana seeds. These marijuana plants completely finish from sprout to marijuana flower without the oncoming of fall. Sometimes as quickly as sixty days.

Outdoor marijuana growers often get two marijuana crops a season with autoflowering marijuana seeds.

Cannabis seeds should be started about 10 days to two weeks before they arrive at the cannabis grow location. Starting marijuana seeds before planting outdoors allows an outdoor ganja grower to gauge their weed seed success. Anticipate loosing two marijuana seeds in every ten pack of marijuana seeds.

A hundred percent marijuana seed germination rates have been reported by many marijuana growers.

Choosing where to grow outdoor cannabis.

It’s not uncommon for marijuana enthusiasts who have some courage to grow a few marijuana plants on their property. Whether it’s in a backyard surrounded by fences or on a balcony disguised with other plants, like tomato.

Always disguise your weed plants in with other plants when growing on your own property.

Be very careful when growing marijuana on your property as neighbors will call the police if they spot them. Keep the marijuana plants below the height of the fence or balcony railing to ensure privacy.

The marijuana plants will require extensive pruning to keep them below fence height when grown correctly. Prune and tie down marijuana plants during the vegging phase. Do not trim plants during the marijuana flowering phase.

Outdoor marijuana growing off your property is probably the best idea. But this always involves much more work. Find a corn or tobacco field, or another secluded area that receives at least eight hours of a light a day. A water source should be nearby to make life easier too.

Learning to hike is a great hobby for the outdoor marijuana grower.

All the work for an outdoor marijuana grow must be done the previous summer.Find spots to cannabis grow the previous summer then use GPS to tag them.Checking the spot throughout the season gives the outdoor marijuana grower a good idea on how well the space will perform.

A marijuana grow spot that looks ideal in the spring with lush damp soil might be a dry cracked useless cannabis grow space in the fall.

A week before the marijuana plants are brought to the outdoor cannabis grow location the space should be prepared. Turn the soil over several times while adding about one cup of hydrated lime per square yard of soil and a little bit (not too much, now) of good water soluble nitrogen fertilizer.

If possible do not cram your marijuana plants into a small outdoor grow space. Ideally the outdoor marijuana grower will be able to space their plants three feet apart. This will give the marijuana plants plenty of grow space. Allowing them to reach their full potential.

Cramped cannabis plants will stunt.

Besides preparing the soil, an outdoor marijuana grower must protect their cannabis plants from wildlife. Critters of all sorts will take any opportunity to eat your marijuana plants if given the chance.

Spread pigs bloods or dog piss and dog hair around the area of the marijuana plant. But never directly on the cannabis crop. Hydrated pigs blood is mixed with water in a sprayer. Pigs blood is a surefire method of keeping all animals from ever eating your cannabis crop. Spray liberally around the area of the marijuana plants.

Cannabis plants grown from marijuana seed will require the outdoor grower to sex them. First time outdoor marijuana growers should study marijuana photos to learn the difference between male and female weed plants.

Male cannabis plants need to be removed immediately.

Female marijuana plants have white pistels on them.

Male marijuana plants have round sacks or balls on them.

Even an experienced marijuana grower should be extra cautious when sexing cannabis plants. Male cannabis plants need to be removed immediately before they pollinate female plants. Which then creates marijuana seeds not marijuana bud.

The marijuana plants should be fertilized every few weeks during both vegetative marijuana growth and marijuana flowering.

Use the correct marijuana fertilizer to greatly improve your cannabis yield.The proper marijuana fertilizer is half the success for a cannabis grower.The other half is proper marijuana seeds.

Dr. Hornby’s Organic Iguana Juice (Grow) is excellent for marijuana plants. Completely organic and contains all the minerals needed for healthy growth. Organic Iguana Juice Grow stimulates healthier root systems, providing the foundation needed for incredible flowering and shorter internode length.

For marijuana flowering ganja growers have found wonderful success with Dr.Hornby’s Big Bud. Applying Big Bud at the beginning of the marijuana flowering period ensures cannabis plants put on heavy heft during the final weeks of growth.

New cannabis growers often harvest their weed plants too early in the marijuana flowering cycle. Inexperienced weed growers often get anxious and harvest early. Often it’s best to wait a few more days after thinking the cannabis plant is finished flowering to harvest. Understanding the ganja genetics of the marijuana seed, which comes with flowering time estimation,will provide a great basis of when to harvest.

Knowing what marijuana strain was planted will give the outdoor cannabis grower an understanding of when the harvest period is. Check the information on marijuana flowering times. Use this to begin getting an idea of when to harvest.

Indica marijuana strains harvest much earlier than sativa marijuana strains. Indica weed strains grow better in northern climates, while their sativa cannabis counterparts do better in sunnier warmer climates.

Outdoor marijuana growers often harvest their marijuana plants at night.Using a full moon to light up their way.

Growers will remove all the fan leaves and leave them at their grow site.These leaves only take up space and are not needed. A solid pair of scissors is required to chop down hardy marijuana stalks. Growers will need a small bottle of isopropl alcohol to keep their scissors clean.

Marijuana buds grown properly will be very sticky and resinous.

This resin will easily gum even the best pair of shears.

Marijuana must be harvested before the frost.

Thus choosing the correct marijuana strain to grow outside for your climate is critical to your success.

Managing all these factors should lead to a healthy hardy marijuana crop.However, many predators besides wildlife are out there to destroy an outdoor cannabis growers marijuana plants.

The number one problem an outdoor grower faces is police.

Police will go to great lengths to destroy an outdoor cannabis crop. They have a big budget of money to chop down marijuana. Police will use ATV vehicles, helicopters and all sorts of gadgets to locate an outdoor cannabis crop.

Outdoor marijuana growers have to go to great lengths to disguise their cannabis crop. Hiding their weed plants amongst other foliage. Helicopters armed with thermal imaging will use this technology to differentiate between marijuana plants and local foliage.

Grow more marijuana outdoors than the police can remove.

Sadly worst than police ripping up marijuana plants is fellow cannabis enthusiasts. Horribly these potheads won’t even bother to wait for the cannabis plants to reach their full marijuana flower before ripping the plants up.


The outdoor marijuana grower faces numerous risks and hardships to pull off an amazing harvest. Overcoming these problems will result in a plentiful marijuana harvest of wicked cannabis buds that produce an awesome weed high.