Thai Kratom – A Seriously Potent Blast Of The Best!

Using the herb Kratom is relatively simple, but to get the most out of using it as for a variety of reason such as the treatment of pain to it’s use as a mood enhance it is important to understand how to measure doses. At different doses this herbal leaf has very different affects from a stimulant at lower doses to a strong mood enhancer and painkiller at higher doses. Along with the difference in doses those using this herb should also note that different strains of the Kratom leaf would have different abilities to produce these benefits.

Understanding Mytragyna Speciosa

This herb comes from Mytragyna speciosa, which is found growing naturally in Asia in the area near Thailand. The use of this tree’s leaves was common among laborers who found that chewing on the leaf produced a medicinal effect. This leaf gave them greater energy after chewing only a few leaves, and when used as tea the leaves offer relief from pain. The leaves were used in Thailand for many generations until the use and sale of the leaves were prohibited. The tea was often used to help with the pain of arthritis, childbirth, and for the trials of those who did hard labor.

The Different Types of Kratom in the West

The most common strains of this herb found in the U.K., Canada and the U.S. are Bali, Maeng Da, Red Vein Thai, and Thai. Each is know for producing one or two effects of the Kratom better than others. Thai and Maeng Da are both known for being among the best for stimulating effects and for pain killing benefits. For this reason both of these strains are the one’s most commonly recommended for conditions such as chronic pain, lagging energy, and for in some cases for the treatment of addiction and withdrawal. Bali is the strain most often associated with those who need a mood enhancer or who need to reduce anxiety such as social anxiety.

The Importance of Dosing and Different Versions

When switching to a new strain of this herbal leaf it’s advised to go slowly. While all the versions of this leaf will produce roughly the same effect the chemical makeup of each is slightly different. It is possible that if someone is used to taking 5 grams of one strain on switching to a new one at the same dosage might see a smaller effect or the individual might see a much larger effect. It’s also true that the same dosage with one strain that causes no side effects such as nausea might see such a problem with a new strain. Stepping back on dosage with a new version of the herb is often the best way to be sure of getting the dosage correct and avoiding having a strong side effect reaction.

Powder or Tea

Strains are sold as powder or tea as well as concentrated liquids. It is best to try a small amount of tea or powder with a new type over using a concentrated liquid at the same level. Order thai kratom now from the top sources online by checking our top kratom store reviews now!