Smoking Salvia – How to Smoke Salvia The Right Way

There are a number of ways smoke to Salvia for a change in personal perception, or to understand more about the effects of a hallucinogen. This offers a short-term altered state, and most people return to normal quickly after smoking it. When smoking this substance, it is advised to remain in a controlled, but comfortable environment around trusted individuals.

Dried Leaves Using a Pipe

When using a pipe the leaves should be smoked “hot”. The essence of the smoke should be inhaled as deeply as possible and the puffs themselves should be quick. These leaves will need high temperatures in order to vaporize into smoke essence, so it is advised to hold the flame right above the leaves. Then smoker will then draw down on the leaves the entire time the smoke is inhaled. Along with a bong it is possible to use a long tobacco pipe. Some also use a water pipe type bong. It is a good idea because of the heat to have an ashtray, plate or other secure surface to place the pipe on when done smoking. The ash and the heat of the bong are another good reason to have trusted individual around who is not using the pipe as well who can help monitor what becomes of the lighter, flame and pipe to prevent accidents.

Enhancing the Smoking Experience

It is also possible to enhance this experience and have a deeper dose of the leaves by using extract. When the Salvia is enhanced with the extract it in effect has a more potent aspect, and the effect is easier to obtain with a smaller amount of the substance. It is also possible to use extracts by vaporization. This produces less smoke, but what there is can be very powerful and should be used with care.

Differences with Using This Method

Some who use this often find that smoking is best, while others prefer taking it as a tincture, or that actually chewing the leaves is best. This depends on the amount of control a person is comfortable with while achieving this leave of altered state. With the leaves it is possible to stop at any point and there’s a clearer idea of how much a dose is effective. With the smoke because of the speed of delivery to the body, it is possible for someone to have more of an effect than anticipated or desired. This is the reason that when smoking using only the amount necessary to achieve a small effect should be used until the individual has a better idea of the effect and how much they appreciate it.

Legality of Smoking

Using Salvia in private is always recommended as this can draw unnecessary or unwanted attention to the person using it. In most states in the U.S. this substance is legal. It is always a good idea to check state and local bans on drugs before using it, despite the fact there is no federal law against smoking these leaves.