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Congratulations you made it all the way down to our Sensi Seeds review page! Sensi offer some of the finest strains in the world, yet unfortunately do not ship these beauties outside of Europe at present. Yet fear not our non-European friends for we have a solution – Seeing as Original Sensible Seeds is a major reseller for just about every seed bank there is, you can just as easily get hold of each of these strains over at their seed bank instead – and rest assured that they WILL ship to your country!


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Our Choice Of Top Three Regular Strains
American Dream

An Indica dominant hybrid this strain is best suited for an indoor environment or greenhouse. The flowering time is 7 to 8 weeks and the yield is moderate to high. The lineage of this strain is not
public, but it remains in high demand given its potency. It is identifiable by
its red and orange pistils and light green color. The medical uses for this
choice include stress relief, relief of chronic pain, loss of appetite, arthritis relief, and as a treatment for nausea common with some types of
medical treatments such as chemotherapy.

The taste of this strain is fruity and sweet with earthy overtones. The smoke is spicy. Effect begins rapidly and relaxes the body, but stimulates creativity. There is little of a hazy feeling for most who chose this strain, and, many people use it as a daytime relief from medical issues, or mental stresses.




Kali Haze


This strain is a sativa and Indica mix type from a North Indian and Jamaican mixture. This plant has both density and weight as well as resin along the stems and branches. Kali Haze is grown medical and recreationally. Flowering time is about 50 days indoors. It can grow easily indoors or out. The buds are dense, and the colors are rust red with a dark green leaf.

The taste for some is strong and earthy with hints of orange. The effects are strong for some making this is a “couch” choice for them, but others find it true to the name of the goddess of consciousness and energy. Many feel energized and get a psychological boost after a few minutes. The buzz can last several hours after several draws.



Shiva Shanti


This is an Afghani, Kush, Skunk, and fusion of Indica type. This is a larger than average plant with a potent kick. It’s grown easily indoors, is a darker green than most plants, and has yellow hair. Loaded with THC it is a strain favored by medical growers.
This is a good choice for those who need to relax or who have anxiety. Some
have good results as a relief from PTSD, insomnia, and chronic stress with this strain. Flowering time is 50 to 55 days with a heavy yield. These plants can be placed close together while growing.

There’s a slight taste of garlic on the first inhale, but afterwards this is followed by a tangy honey, then a flora taste. The smell is typically a bit sour, with some garlic and flora overtones. The buzz is after a few inhales is powerful and lasting.



Our Choice Of Top Three Feminized Strains
Purple Haze

This is a Sativa type coming from a Thai/Columbian Haze combination with a mix of Dutch Skunk. Considered a grade A this is an unusual looking and vivid colored strain with purple leaves and bright orange hairs. As loud as the colors are it is also a known for it’s heady incense like aroma. Sandlewood and deep forest overtones waft out from whatever container holds these colorful buds.

The taste is much like the aroma with a deep, but pleasant unforgettable mouthful of flavor with hints of grape candy and Sandlewood.

The effects of this strain are not edgy, but they are strong and immediate. Most feel a rush, with an immediate physical reaction. Because it is a strong potency this is used for severe pain, depression, and chronic issues such as MS. Recreationally it’s favored for experiencing imagery, the feeling of the rush, and strong buzz that lasts for several hours.



Skunk Kush

Regarding as a pleasant Indica dominant strain this is a mix of Hindu Kush and Skunk strains. The mixture has created a dense and aromatic blending. Bright green with orange hairs the smell is a sweet, earthy blend with a heady jolt of citrus. An easy grow according to those who have seen a good yield this is a plant that likes indoors better than outdoors, but can survive outside of a hot house.

This is a potent blend and a heavy strain that “couches” many people, but in a pleasant way. In short this is a “baked” strain that’s favored by those with serious conditions such as severe chronic pain, insomnia, PTSD, severe depression, and those who need appetite stimulation. The effects are felt in a few minutes, but because it’s a strong pleasant buzz most underestimate how medicated they are, and so care should be taken when using this alone.



White Diesel

This is a grade A plant of the sativa type that’s a hybrid of strong Mediterranean plants. It takes 50-65 days to flower and is 40% sativa to 60% Indica.  As this name implies part of its ancestry is from the beloved Diesel strain, but this has a much spicier, but sweet taste. The leaves are light green and look as if they are touched with light frosting of light rust and silver.

This is a heady strain. The smell is sweet and skunky. The taste however is spicy and sweet with a darker scent in the smoke. The effects are stronger than average with a steadily growing relaxing buzz increasing with each inhalation. This is used medically for anxiety, migraines, chronic pain, M.S., depression, social anxiety, and the pain from endometriosis and PMS.


Sensi Seeds Review


Not only the oldest marijuana seed bank in our collection, our Sensi Seeds review is one that covers the oldest seed bank in the world! In 2010 they celebrated their 25th year in the business.

At Sensi Seeds they split their seeds into two sections – Their more high end and expensive seeds are shown in their sensi seeds range, while their less expensive seeds are shown in their white label seeds range.

Truth being told, apart from some price differences, the seeds in their lower priced “Sensi” range which include white skunk, white widow and purple haze, are as good if not better than those in the more expensive white label range!

Unfortunately Sensi presently only send their genetics mainly to countries in the European Union and do not ship to U.S.A and Australia as well as many other popular destinations.

Ordering From Their Website

Luckily for customers living outside the E.U, they can of course purchase seeds from the Original Sensible Seeds range of Sensi strains!

To order from their range of Sensi White Label genetics click here, or to place an order from their range of Sensi own brand click here instead!

We hope our selection of the best strains from this legendary cannabis seed supplier can help you choose the mother of all strains for your grow!

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