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Welcome to our Seedsman review and section! Here you will find our choice of the top three regular, and feminized strains available from this world famous online marijuana mega store!

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Besides producing their own line of genetics, Seedsman also caveat as being a one-stop-shop reseller for just about every seed bank and reputable breeder out there. Combining all of these strain options helps them offer almost unheard of supply of well over 2,500 of the very best marijuana strains for sale.

As you might expect with a seed bank of this size and prestige, the usual payment options apply, with payment by credit card, cash, check, postal orders, and bank transfers as standard. In fact, as well as the discount you receive by placing your order through any of our links, Seedsman actually offer a further 10% discount on all orders when you pay via bank transfer!

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Our Choice Of Top Three Regular Seeds

G13 x Haze
G13 x Haze is an unusual blend of G13 and Hawaiian Sativa. The history is interesting since it’s origin comes from a federal program to supply medical cannabis to a small number of patients in the 1970’s to test the effects of marijuana as treatment. This program was closed in a panic as activist campaigned for HIV/AIDS and cancer patients to be included. This was a low-grade variant, but crossbred with potent Hawaiian strains it now has a stronger than average THC level. Easy to grow, it does take 80 days for flowering, but it’s worth the wait.
The result has intense aroma and flavor of ripe fruit mixed with spicy sandalwood. As for effect it was designed for the maximum medical potency, so this isn’t for a good choice for driving, but is a great choice for those experiencing chronic pain, or needing to totally relax
for several hours.

G13 x Skunk
A Sativa and Indica strain, G13 x Skunk is an Afghani and Skunk mix. Blooming in 48 to 64 days it has generous big leaves and silvery dense buds. This is a popular indoor and outdoor growing plant popular with medical growers. Resistant to mold and fungi, except in a humid climate. This strain is recommended for those just starting out in growing. As this is strong potency it is used for those with depression, arthritis,

chronic pain, M.S., and other painful conditions. It’s not the best choice for a daytime buzz, as this does seem to slow down time. It also offers a strong positive outlook on life for most who try it. The flavor is strong and earthy, and a big favorite with those who enjoy Skunk strains.

Shark Shock
Named in the 1990’s this is a Brazilian sativa and South India plus Skunk blend of the Indica plant type. This efficient plant does well indoors and outdoors. The white skunk offers extreme aroma that takes the smoker away to forest floors and ripen fruit. Easily spotted by it’s gold to rust color and smart fine crystals. The plant will not take kindly to being over fertilized, but does grows fastest outside if the temperature is right. Shark Shock will grow to 4 feet tall.

This is a stronger than average choice. The taste is slightly piney and lets those having it by vaporizer soak through the forest. Effects last 45 minutes to an hour, and for most are powerful.

Our Choice Of Top Three Feminized Seeds
As for effect…the name says it all. This is an A+ grade of a Sativa type plant. A cross between Skunk, Cinderella 99, and Jack Herer, its appearance is light green with gold hints of flavor. A frost, hairy bud it is often used for those who are experience pain, anxiety, or bouts of melancholy. The smell is sweet, and so is the taste. It takes between 60 to 70 days to flower. The THC level is 16% to 22%. Most growers see the best results in growing the plant indoors, but in the right climates outdoors produces a good yield.

The effects are heavy, and this is a smoke to treat with respect. Don’t bother with movie or video game, and the haze is too strong to track either forms of entertainment. This is the choice for a night spent pondering or simply listening to nature. In other words this isn’t for partying except internal with one’s own thoughts. Amnesia was probably the easiest choice of strain to add to our seedsman review section!

Blueberry Skunk
An Indica dominant strain with a high THC content this is a Blueberry and Skunk giving the grower and those who smoke it the best of both worlds. A high THC gives the plant a popularity and demand, while the easy outdoor and indoor growth makes it simple to supply it. When flowering this plant will double or even triple in height offer it generously resin-glazed buds and heftier yield.

Blueberry in the name says it all, but the tangy taste is offset with a heady woody after taste. The smell is warm and friendly and much loved by those who want a bubbly, friendly experience while smoking.

This is a favorite of those with muscle aches, torn tendons, sprains, and other issues that throb or ache. This buzz comes on slowly, and lasts for a long time taking the mind away from pain or the problems of the day.

G Force
As a mostly indica strain, G Force makes our top 3 list in our seedsman review by sheer merit. G Force produces the most heavy yield that we have experienced to date, despite what other strains may claim. It’s couch-locking effect is certainly one to experience!

A cross between a prestigious Skunk and and equally potent Northern Lights, this strain is well suited to both newbie and experienced growers alike.

Expect dripping THC laden heavy buds and broad indica like leaves when you grow G Force in optimum conditions. With feminized seeds you need not worry about removing pesky males since these female beauties will produce 100% only potent and bulging bud – Perfect to show off to your friends!

Conclusion : Seedsman Review 2019 and Seedsman Discount Code

It’s almost hard to believe that Seedsman only recently celebrated their 10th birthday. In that time this major UK based reseller has grown from strength to strength to become one of the most competitive and world renowned marijuana seed banks online. Blazing a trail of success in their path, their quality genetics and competitive prices simply speak for themselves. This is speaking from first hand experience, but don’t just take our word for it – Their thousands of satisfied and repeat customers from all corners of the globe are a testament to their outstanding service and success.

Selling just about every strain known to man from prized breeders including Barney’s Farm, Dinafem, DNA Genetics, Dutch Passion, Nirvana, Reserva Privada, Sensi and more, Seedsman also produce their own line of premium marijuana strains that are sure to blow your mind – As if stocking over 2,500 cannabis seeds for sale wasn’t enough to choose from!

Despite being a UK based marijuana retailer all prices are listed in Euro and not Great British Pounds (GBP). And similar to Original Sensible Seeds and the other European based seed banks, the 20% VAT charge on your order does not apply to those lucky enough to live outside of the European Union!

Final Thoughts

Seedsman is widely regarded as being one of the most efficient and trustworthy seed banks online. Our aim was to provide you with the best selection of feminized and regular marijuana seeds from this UK based retailer while saving you the time and hassle of having to locate these beauties for yourself. Adding a seedsman review section to our list of trusted marijuana seed banks was a must, but our seedsman promo code is the icing on top!

We hope you enjoyed our selection! And remember, by placing your order with this seed bank through any of the links displayed here on our seedsman review section, you automatically qualify for all the latest discounts and free seed offers from Seedsman as well as the rest of the seed banks we currently support, making us the best place to visit prior to ordering marijuana seeds online!

Peace out and happy growing!

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