Salvia vs Spice – Is There Any Comparison?

The biggest difference between Spice and Salvia lies in what’s real, and what’s not real. There’s some irony in the fact that a drug known to cause hallucinations isn’t real. Spice is sold in my head shops where the material is legal as incense and is often labeled as “not for human consummation”.  Salvia’s story is very different as the plant comes from a tradition of mystical healing. Making a choice about trying either one comes down to what purpose one has in using these types of drugs.

Spice and Herbs

On some packaging for Spice it will say organic material, but while there are a few organics in this package the psychoactive substance is in fact a form of synthetic cannabis. While both salvia and marijuana are grown the material in Spice is made in a lab. Since there are no regulations regarding the manufacture of these drugs often sold under the name K2, fake weed, Yucatan Fire, Skunk, Moon Rocks, and many others there is no one formula for all them. The reaction or experience a person has while taking them will vary greatly, and an unexpected adverse reaction is often a possible even when using the same brand repeatedly.

Spice and “Zombies”

A common rumor regarding Spice is that it can make some people react so badly they become “zombie like”. This is a bit of tall tale, but thousands of people in the U.S. most of them under the age of 19 have been hospitalized with symptoms of alienation, dissociation, psychotic episodes, and hallucinations. Anxiety and panic attacks are also common. This has led some people to theorize the problem could be a combination of younger people experimenting with this substance too early in their lives, and the fact Spice is unpredictable. This drug doesn’t actually turn ordinary users into zombies, but the results for some can be very unpleasant when they are expecting one experience, and instead have strong adverse reaction.

Physical reactions of Spice

Adverse physical reactions of Spice include elevated blood pressure, elevated heart rate, vomiting, agitation, tremors, seizures, and confusion. These side effects can be compounded if the person taking the Spice also used other drugs that similar raise the heart rate or blood pressure including speed, and some medications for attention deficient disorder, depression or anxiety. Those who are taking MAOI’s should avoid this drug, as unlike natural marijuana no research has shown it offers any benefit for depression, and it can cause an elevation in blood pressure.

Salvia and the “Indoor High”

Salvia is known as a solitary high or an “Indoor” high because it’s not suited for partying. This is a natural high in the same way that cannabis is, but it’s effects or more akin to the mind-expending effects of LSD. While acid is the better-known drug, it is in fact a synthetic version of natural psychedelic drugs such as ‘shrooms and salvia. Salvia’s distinction is being a fast and intense high. It reacts quickly after consummation by smoking, drinking, or chewing and the experience begins with one to five minutes. The entire experience, which is much like DMT is completed in roughly 30 minutes with some people have a residual effect for up to two hours. In the hundreds of years of use of this plant no reports of fatalities are reported. Those experienced with this drug however, do warn not to use to much as the effects are powerful for most people. It can cause nausea and feelings of panic or being overwhelmed especially if too much is used at one time. It is known to be non-addictive.

Physical Effects of Salvia

Racing heart rate, some elevation of blood pressure, and in nausea. This is not a drug to take along with or mix with anything that will cause a rise in blood -pressure such as cocaine, poppers, or depressants. It is strongly advised that those who feel they might be bi-polar who have been medically informed they are bi-pol not take this drug as this can result in a strongly adverse effect.

The Main Difference

Salvia is natural and can be found in many places legally. It offers a mind-expanding experience that’s more comfortable for some individuals than for others. Products that aren’t really herbal at all have all the possible risks of using a hallucinogen, and additional possible dangers caused by possible mistakes or even tampering while the product is being produced.

As more and more places are taking another look at cannabis as a medical remedy, or even as possible legal recreational drug taking the risk with this type of drug could become a thing of the past. In light of possible dangers with K2 and other brands of Spice many head shops are discontinuing the sale of this product, or placing it out of sight so as not to entice younger customers.