Salvia vs DMT – Are The Effects Similar?

There are some big differences in DMT versus Salvia. These differences are found in how they are found in the legal issues of using them, and in how they affect the body. What they say is a unique trait among psychedelic drugs in that according to those who use them these offer moments of feeling in contact with a divine presence, or something outside of one self. This isn’t quite the same experience in both substances, but it is remarkably different than what is felt when using LSD, cannabis or a mushrooms. Those who have used either of Salvia or DMT warn that neither is a party drug, and that in most places Dimethltryptamine is illegal.

The Legal Status of Salvia and DMT

The biggest, and most immediate difference between S. divinorum and Dimethltryptamine is the legal status. Divinorum also called Sally-D, Diviner’s Sage, Maria Pastora, or Seer’s Sage is legal in many places. Dimethltryptamine also called DMT, N, or n-DMT is not legal in most countries. The difference here is probably because Sally-D has been around longer, and yet most of the public was unaware of it until recent years, whereas Dimethltryptamine entered the west much more recently and become well known quickly. There is also a very big difference in the safety of using this as opposed to salvia.

The Risk Factor of DMT

Often those interested are informed on the benefits of DMT, and are at least halfway sold on the idea of using it before they hear the risks involved. While both of these substances can elevate the blood pressure Dimethltryptamine users face the bigger risk. It is possible to have a heart attack if there are any problems with blood pressure while taking the drug. This has lead to hospitalization on DMT, while few such cases have been reported with salvia. Mixing Dimethltryptamine with MAOI’s is also a health risk. MAOIs or Monoamine oxidase inhibitor are commonly used medications for treating depression. Mixing these with Dimethltryptamine is dangerous as both cause elevations in normal blood pressure and place the individual taking both at risk of a possible heart attack or similar immediate health emergencies. Taking DMT with other drugs that increase the heart rate can also cause serious medical issues. These drugs would include any type of amphetamine, or methylphenidate. It would also include recreational drugs such as cocaine and Ecstasy.

Similar Health Risks

Both Dimethltryptamine and S. Divinorum offer a unique high that’s intense, and can cause a panic attack in some people who are not used to the sensations brought on very quickly after taking it. Most people who use cannabis or mushrooms expect the same slow building buzz to a gradual high, and these two drugs do not offer this. The effects are quick, and very profound in most cases. A panic attack can make some individuals have feelings of anxiety that last long after the effects of this drug have stopped.

Anyone who has been diagnosed as bi-polar shouldn’t experiment with either of these psychedelics. While research has not caught up with the reasons for problems those with this diagnoses have with these drugs it is known many with this condition have had a bad reaction.

Similar Experiences

In the type of experience users have Dimethltryptamine and Divinorum are much alike. Both have experiences starting almost immediately after smoking, drinking, or in salvia’s case chewing the substance. While the visual effects are similar to acid or mushrooms, other sensations such as being out of body, or connected to another reality are for some mind expanding and powerful. In both there is often a feeling of heaviness in the body, tingling sensations, and a confusion of senses. Many feel that time is slowed or that time doesn’t exist. For a minority of users the feelings of being out of control are frightening. Like a roller coaster ride once these experiences begin there is no way to stop, and this can lead to panic.

The Same Recommendation

The ideal way to take either Salvia or DMT is to have a trusted person stick around who is sober. This person can act if anything should go wrong, or if the person having the experience should panic or need assurance. At the very least, anyone using either drug should be in safe, quiet, and familiar surroundings. While the duration of this experience is short, some people have moved, walked round, or acted out while in this state of not perceiving reality. Because of the profound affect using salvia or Dimethltryptamine socializing while taking these drugs is virtually impossible, and taking them while around a number of people can even be dangerous. These are both good choices for anyone who wants a mind-expanding journey that’s much shorter, and more powerful than using LSD without the lingering effects associated with some psychedelics.