Acid vs Salvia – Does Salvia Feel Like Acid?

Among the choices in life is deciding whether to use an herb or chemical for a recreation high. There is of course a difference in the how the mind reacts to chemicals whether or not these are organic or a processed. These differences are based on the different receptors in the brain, and what reactions the chemicals will have here. In looking at taking acid or salvia the user will find some similarities, but several key differences.

Does Salvia Feel Like Acid

The short answer as to the differences between the two is the duration and intensity of the high experienced. Both will offer “good trips” and the occasional “bad trip”. The word trip refers to the experience during the time when greatest amount of effects are felt from the substance used. In the case of both while these are both known as hallucinatory drugs the generally don’t produce elaborate or detailed hallucinations as often depicted in films or television.

Altered Perception

What someone using LSD or Seer’s Sage as the drug is known as, will feel is an altered perception of reality. Typically when an individual has a genuine hallucination he or she will not be able to tell the difference between this seeing or hearing something their mind is showing them, and reality. For most of those taking these two types of drugs however, they see, hear, or at times smell a distortion of reality, and are usually aware why their perception is altered.

The LSD Trip

The effects of acid will show up within an hour of taking this chemical and can last for up to 12 hours. The peak of these effects is usually about midway through experience. The exact feeling or alter perception a person has after taking this substance varies widely. For the greatest majority the effect often centers on visual perception. Lights will appear stronger and much brighter. Many have compared this to the way light appears to them during a high fever, however there is no pain associated with this change. Halos of light can appear around other people or objects. Stable objects might appear to move, or seem to be made of liquid. Those taking LSD will also see patterns, trails of light, as well as differing colors or textures that aren’t part of reality.

Other Effects of Acid

Along with visual effects users will often feel that time is running backward or forward. Occasionally, some will have synesthesia, which is a confusion of the sensations. With synesthesia a person might feel a smell as a color, or a color has sound.

Along with these effects there are also physical changes such as dilated pupils, increased blood pressure, and a higher body temperature. Some complain of dizziness, sweating, blurred vision, and tingling of the hands and feet. Others will have drowsiness, but can’t sleep.

Bad Trips on Acid

Most people who have experienced a bad trip state this effect comes when taking the drug while already being in a bad mood, or in a setting that made them uncomfortable. In this type of experience the individual will not have the more positive effects, and will have paranoia or even deep fear. Most having a bad experience will feel out of control and can panic. This is the reason those using this drug are caution not to do so alone, and to have someone around who is not taking any substance and who can react to emergency situations properly.

Using Salvia Divinorum

Salvia is also called Diviner’s Sage, Ska Maria Pastora, and Seer’s Sage for a reason. This herb has been used for generations in the Latin America to induce visions. Mazatec Shamans used this plant to create visionary states of consciousness for deeper spiritual insight. As a drug this sage plant can be taken in a variety of ways and each method often affects what the user will experience.

salvia vs acid

Shorter Duration

The effects from onset are much faster than with most seeing a change within 1 to 2 minutes of smoking or drinking this herb. The peak often arrives between the first 2 to 8 minutes of having enough of the substance to have a reaction. The plateau is often within 10 minutes, and most will see the “coming down” phrase at 15 to 30 minutes. The total time for the experience is often no more than 40 minutes.

As with LSD, those using salvia will see a changes in their senses, but this drug also cause a creative dreamlike experience for most. Visual effects are often experienced even with the eyes closed. There is often insight, or a sensation of being in contact with other alternative realities. As with LSD a bad trip can cause intense panic and fear. Those taking this drug are also cautioned to have an aide or guide around to make sure nothing goes wrong.