How Long Does a Salvia Trip Last?

While knowing that a trip or experimental use of Saliva is for most people intense it is of short duration. For many who use this plant’s leaves to have a glimpse of a different form of reality, this brief interlude is enough to satisfy them. In taking or using the leaves in anyway the effects do not last long, but most who have tried it find the experience memorable unlike some other types of psychoactive organics, which when taken will leave only fuzzy or uncertain memories.

Salvia Divinorum Effects

Those who use the leaves of this plant whether smoked, vaporized or chewed are the first to tell others this isn’t a substance to take lightly. While the effects are short in duration they are more intense than other similar weeds or organics. This plant is often referred to as weed, but is in fact, part of the mint and sage families, but very bitter. Using the leaves it’s possible to have a hallucinogenic experience. As with most kinds of psychedelic substances the person taking it will have changes in his or her visual perception, body sensations, mood, and emotions. Some will have feelings of detachment, while others have strong emotions. In almost all cases there is an inability to make judgments, or to interact correctly with the environment. This is the reason that those using this substance are always warned to have someone nearby who has an understanding of the use of these leaves, and who can ensure safety for the person experiencing it. There are also cautions regarding using this while driving or around any type of heavy or dangerous machinery.

Not Having a Fun Trip

One of the reasons that these leaves are popular is that the effect is more intense than cannabis, but if the effects last a shorter time than if the person took something very strong such as LSD. This means if the experience is non-productive, or promotes an undesired effect it will be of a short duration.

Major Effects Duration

The major effects of Salvia last only from one to 10 minutes in most people. The duration of the intense effects depend on the amount taken. It’s recommended for those using this for the first time to only take a small amount. Like a roller coaster whether the person has a good time or a bad time in the experience once the leaves or smoked or chewed there is no way to stop it until the intensity ends on it’s own, so a using only the minimum is best for until a person discovers whether this is something they wish to pursue further

Less Intense Reactions

After the major effects diminish most experiencing this organic will see minor effects from 30 minutes up to an hour. Those who have experience with using this substance warn that even when there seems to be no more effect it’s best to wait for at least an hour or more before resuming normal actives in order to ensure that safety is observed.