Salvia Leaves – The Real of The Plant

Salvia was used for hundreds of years by the Mazatec people for a brief escape from the day, and as part of religious ceremony. Living in Sierra Mazateca in the state Oaxaca in south Mexico these traditions employed the use of several plants and fungi, including psilocybin, psychoactive morning glory seeds, mushrooms, and Salvia Divinorum. Traditional these plants leaves were chewed, the juice swallowed and the organic material spat out. The Downside of the Traditional Method

The downside of the traditional method is these are not as effective. While some feel they have more control in taking a water based drink made from the leaves, or by chewing them it takes a large amount of leaves for a single effective dose. The leaves can be swallowed or spat out, but for some people this can lead to having some unpleasant effects such as nausea.

Because some much more leaf is needed to have an effect at all this can turn what’s usually a relatively inexpensive method of achieving an altered state into a costly adventure.

Another Method of Chewing

The newer method is less costly on leaves, but it is a bit messy. The person trying this method will need a bowl, a towel, and something to hold the fresh leaves that will keep in the ball shape. Take the rolled up or balled up leaves and place them in the mouth. Roughly 8 to 10 leaves at a time are common. The leaves are then very slowly chewed with only one moment of chewing every 10 seconds. Between chews the ball or roll of leaves is placed under the tongue. The result of the chewing isn’t swallowed, but held in the mouth. After half an hour spit the result into the bowl. Most people don’t feel much in the first 10 to 15 minutes of chewing, but the effects should start in the first 30 minutes. The tissues of the mouth will be able to absorb more of the Salvia Divinorum if the lining of the mouth is very gently brushed and then rinse with a commercial mouthwash that contains alcohol.

A toothbrush can be used for this, and the entire mouth including the under side of the tongue should be brushed to remove dead skin cells that would interfere with absorption.

Who Prefers This Method

For anyone with access to Silvia leaves’ growing fresh this is actually a cheap method of using this substance. This is also one method of increasing the duration of feeling the effects to some degree as most report the experience lasting from 30 minutes or more from the time the first leaf was chewed. As this draws the effect out, some don’t have to pay for fresh leaves.

Using Dry Leaves

If fresh leaves are not available it’s also possible to use this method with dry leaves. Dried leaves are actually less bitter, and more palatable, but not pleasant to actually chew. Placing the leaves in a bowl of water before placing them in the mouth is a good way to avoid this problem.