Where To Buy Salvia Extract?

Most individuals who wish to use Salvia divinorum extracts will use them for smoking. Those who have tried this organic hallucinogen in the family of plants referred to as Labiate find the effects fascinating. Many individuals use this drug recreationally, but for others is to relieve certain issues in their lives such as feeling they have lost perspective, or that an issue they are working on is beyond their insight. Smoking what some have called the “sage of diviners” gives anyone who tries it a few minutes of seeing beyond themselves, and a chance to develop new insights.

Is Smoking Effective?

For most people, smoking Salvia divinorum in a distilled form is effective, and because this is not an alkaloid plant unlike other psychoactive drugs this is potent enough to offer effects from several quick puffs rather than a long period of smoking before the smoker feels any change. It is necessary to take care with dosage especially with the first use.

Do Those Who Smoke Always Have a Reaction?

For most who smoke even the first time will show some reaction if the dosage is correctly measured. For this reason, having someone else around who has experienced this before, and knows what to expect is advised. This other person can make sure that in the 10 to 30 minutes when perception is changed there are no safety issues.

Is There Danger With Overdose?

The unusual thing about Salvia leaves and extract is while it is potent and most people feel the effects right away there are no reports of anyone taking a fatally high dose, and technically the use would have to take such a large amount to do so this is unlike in the extreme. Of course, it is always possible to take too much of anything even vitamins to the point of threatening health, but again, this is unlike in the case of this drug.

Are There Side Effects?

With almost any type of herbal remedy or drug there are some side effects. With these leaves and extract the most common are a racing heart, uncontrolled laughed, feelings of agitation, and a brief headache. Compared to the adverse effects of drinking alcohol or smoking marijuana these are far shorter in duration, and far less uncomfortable.

Can I Use It in Public?

While this extract is legal in most parts of the world, there are areas where it is banned. Even in those places where it is legal it is not recommended to take this at a party or around people who aren’t familiar as those who use it are apt to say and do things they wouldn’t when not having this experience.

What to Do Before Using

Have a place that is comfortable, and feels secure. Have someone around is aware of this use, and preferably has used it before. Sit in a chair or on the floor and take rapid puffs of the essences from a bong or water pipe. Hold the essence for up to 20 to 30 seconds and then release.