Drug Tests For Salvia – Can Salvia Be Detected In Urine?

There are a few tests that can detect salvia. The questions that most users face is whether this drug will actually be tested for, and if there is enough time between the last use of the drug and the test for the chemicals to leave the system. Because of its short duration in the blood stream this substance is not often found. It is an powerful drug to use, but has a short duration and is only now becoming popular among recreational users, and for this reason it is seldom test for by most standard testing agencies.

Who Wants a Test and Why?

The biggest clue of whether or not salvia will be tested from comes from the reason for the test. Testing is typically expensive. Most schools, corporations, and sports officials for leagues or competitions typically look for the least expensive testing services. Usually theses standard test will look for steroid use, or well-known, often-used drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, or heroin. One common basic test is referred to as SAMHSA-5. SAMHSA-5 does not currently find salvinorin A the result of using salvia divinorum left within a person’s bloodstream. Judges and probationary officers can order tests for the court capable of detecting salvinorin A. There are three such tests.

Test that Detect Salvia

The three tests capable of detecting Sally-D are complicated lab tests. These costs higher fees and are used most frequently used when recreation drug use is already suspected. LC-MS/MS is a test used to test blood and urine samples. It is typically the test used by investigation of drug-facilitated crimes. A gas chromatography-mass spectrometry test will test urine, blood, and saliva. This test can indicate the use of almost anything from nicotine to salvia. It is often only used by courts, law enforcement, or for use on establishing causes of death for deceased persons.  The third type of test is a high-performance liquid chromatography atmospheric pressure chemical ionization mass spectrometry. This test will find if taken soon enough after the last use. One problem with all tests is that eventually in a living person the chemicals will naturally leave the body. Even the last mentioned test, which tests for an amazing number of chemicals related to drug use it would not work if enough time has passed since the last use.

How long does Salvia Stay In The System?

Salvia not only works quickly it also leaves the individual’s body faster than most organic or processed psychedelics. From the onset of effect this substance will begin leaving the body after 30 minutes. The high or trip is only half an hour in duration and once this over the process of the body removing the salvia begins. The body’s liver will process the chemicals from this substance and it will eliminate them through the urine. Given that liver and kidneys are the last places where elements of chemicals remain, this is reason tests are done on the urine. This will catch the last of elimination of chemicals. Blood tests are more complicated, and these will find any traces still lingering bloodstream as the chemicals pass through to the liver. Blood tests are often able to find traces much smaller than in urine. Blood gas tests can find traces of residual drugs days or weeks after ingestion as long as these have not been completely eliminated from the body. Some types of substances will leave traces within hair and there are also tests taking hair samples. Salvia is eliminated quickly and disappears after 12 hours. Unless the test is capable of finding very small trace chemicals after this time up to 36 hours later than it will not be found. Because this substance passes through the body so quickly it seldom leaves traces much trace in hair.

What is Salvia

Until recently this was plant of the mint family, which was only used by shaman for healing rituals. Now, it is fast become a popular psychoactive drug many users can find at local head shops. In many places it is legal to possess this substance, and for that reason more individuals want to try it. As it increases in popularity the chances of more tests to discover it’s use become more likely. For those who are under suspicion of using drugs or who know they are at risk for having a test at any time are recommended to avoid using. The only way to completely beat a test is do without until such a time, as a test is most unlikely to be called for by anyone. As with any other recreational herb discretion is also the best way to avoid detection, as not getting caught will frequently keep someone from the cycle of being tested, or called for surprise tests on a routine basis.