Portable Vaporizers – Portable Marijuana Vaporizer Review

There are two problems with smoking cannabis. Well, three if you live in a place where even lighting up can result in arrest. The smell is huge problem for most people, and the risks from smoking anything is so troubling no amount of THC can make you forget about the amount of carcinogens you are drawing into your lungs. So, if you light up anywhere except in your own home you could be arrested, or possibility worse, nagged by someone who hates second-hand smoke. The solution is the portable vaporizer, which will allow you to go anywhere and have a great tasting experience with cannabis with minimum fuss. You can leave home, and enjoy with like-minded friends or alone anywhere you want.

The Benefit of the Portable Vape

While it’s true that larger vaporizers often hold more the smaller portable variety are good for those who are the go. They offer all the same benefits as their larger brethren without the weight, and without the bulk. Some portables are small enough to find in a sports bag, while others are the perfect size for a pocket or purse.

Popular Brands

Firefly: Easy, fast and satisfying according a number of happy customers. This model hits fast with just the touch of a button. There’s not only very little waiting, but as this features the some of the most advanced technology available it can raise the temp from 100 F to 400 F in only 10 seconds. Utilizing software that’s on par with your tablet or phone this device allows you to enjoy the best flavor at the best heat setting. Rich or light vapor is an easy matter of simple controls, which are easy to see. Running on a rechargeable battery the heating chamber has a wide mouth making it simple to load.

  • The Pax: So small, thin, and child’s play to load it could be a reusable cigarette except for the smooth flavor only possible with a vaporizer. The cool aspect is anyone seeing this fall out of a pocket will think it’s a Pez dispenser. Heating up in just two minutes user can shake the device to watch the battery light to know how much power is left for a session. While it’s necessary to take shorter drags from this unit each one is flavorful, smooth, and effective.
  • Da Vinci: Larger than the others this model looks much like a small walkie-talkie or pager. The benefit here is it has the ability to vaporize aromatic blends or oils. The temp has a precision control with a simple to read bright digital display. A built in storage compartment and cleaning brush. It’s temperatures range from 100 to 430 F making it capable of “vaping” solids an unusual ability in a portable of this size. Easy clean up, and simple to load it still fits inside a jean’s front pocket. A mouthpiece can be used with this device making the experience even simpler and smoother.
  • Arizer Solo: Again this is not pen size, but does deliver a powerful bang from a small portable. This produces superior vapor and is one of the top online choices. The reason for the great taste is this portable has an energy efficient ceramic heating element. A steel cover and glass mouthpiece completes the perfect moment of taking a nice, smooth draw of powerful, clean, tasteful vapor. The glass and steel design make this easy to clean. The Solo measures 4.5 inches in height and 1.75 across so it’s still light to carry, but might not fit in every pocket.  This model can heat up in 2.5 minute and has 7 different preset temperatures making it simple to find and hit the perfect taste. To save the rechargeable battery the Arizer Solo also has an automatic shutoff after 12 minutes.
  • Magic-flight Launch Box: This model is easiest the most attractive portable on the market. The backing of the unit is etched with a quote from the author of Forrest Landry. The front 5 different very unique patterns including Tree of Life and Labyrinth. Should this fall out of your pocket or person anyone not in the know will have no clue what it is, and will likely guess it’s a MP3 player. It’s definitely a powerfully little vaporizer through with a water piece whip for water-cooled vapor, and a special concentrate tray for solids.
Making a Choice

The decision of which portable to try first is typically one dependent on price, and need. What’s interesting about the portable vaporizer market is how it is evolving so quickly. Perhaps spurred on by those places around the world which are relaxing medical and recreational use laws portables now share more in coming with an iPod than they do a hand rolled cigarette. Whatever it is you need in the way of power, flavor or discreet use you can find it quickly.