Payment and Shipping Options At Our Supported Seed Banks

At we don’t deal with any payment or shipping. We simply review the top marijuana strains from the top marijuana retailers online and link you to each store in order for you to complete your purchase.

For this reason, we have individually listed both the payment and shipping terms and conditions from each of the 7 marijuana retailers that we support. Since each seed bank is different you can expect their terms and conditions to slightly differ too!

Each strain in our website is assigned to a specific merchant. The shipping terms and payment options for each seed bank are listed below to help you in ordering any of the strains we list here at

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

A.M.S charge a flat rate fee for shipping and handling. By doing so it helps them maintain their high standard of fast and stealthy shipping. Every order is discreetly wrapped to make it appear as if it was a gift being sent in the post and they ship worlwide. Credit cards, paysafe card, bank transfer and cash are accepted as methods of payment. To visit the Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds payment and shipping page click here.

Original Sensible Seeds

The Original Sensible Seed Co send all orders in plain white or brown padded envelopes or boxes. You can opt for either regular or recorded shipping and they ship to to all countries worldwide. At O.S.S you can pay by credit and debit cards as well as by bank transfer. Bank Transfer option for European residents only. To visit the O.S.S shipping and payments details page click here.


Seedsman send almost all their seeds in the original breeders packaging. These are then wrapped in small cardboard packages or DVD cases before being wrapped in bubble wrap thus ensuring that your precious products arrive in perfect condition. Credit cards, postal orders, checks, bank transfers as well as cash are accepted as methods of payment. There is also an extra 10% discount when paying by bank transfer. To visit the Seedsman page click here.

Buy Dutch Seeds

Like Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, B.D.S also charge a standard flat rate fee for handling and shipping fees. This charge enables them to maintain their high standard of not only fast, but stealthy shipping too. Every order from B.D.S is wrapped discreetly and concealed as a type of free gift to make sure it reaches you safely. Here they accept credit cards, bank transfer, and cash as methods of payment. To visit the B.D.S page click here.

Nirvana Seeds

Again, another of the major retailers online that charges a flat rate fee for both shipping and handling. And no surprise either that they claim it’s to help maintain their high standards of fast and stealthy shipping! Every order from Nirvana is wrapped discreetly in some type of free gift which helps disguise what’s in the package when it comes to the customs. For their stealth shipping service which they operate worldwide add an extra €8 per order. Credit card, bank transfer and cash are accepted a methods of payment here. To visit the Nirvana page click here.

White Widow Seeds

White Widow Seeds send all orders in discrete white envelopes with non returnable addresses attached, making it very difficult to identify the package’s contents. This is by far one of the best methods for discreet packaging of all the retailers we list. Also a first for online seed banks, White Widow Seeds accepts paypal as a method of payment making it unique in this regard. Bank transfer, cash, and credit cards can also be used to make payments. To visit the W.W.S page click here.

Sensi Seeds

Unfortunately Sensi mainly only ship their genetics within Europe. But fear not –  their entire collection can also be ordered from Original Sensible Seeds whose collection of Sensi strains can be viewed by clicking here! For those lucky enough to successfully place an order at Sensi, all products are dispatched in a discrete and sturdy brown padded paper envelope. What this protective packaging assures is both the quality of the products inside and the peace of mind when it comes to customs. Credit cards, cash and bank transfer are acceptable payment methods at this outstanding Dutch retailing goliath. To visit the Sensi payment and shipping page click here.