Original Sensible Seeds Review

Welcome to our Original Sensible Seeds review page! If you’ve visited some of our other review sections you should know by now that we list the top three regular and feminized seeds from each selected seed bank, as well as our selection of the best of the rest in our section just below this text.

  • What’s different with this page however is that this seed bank is perhaps one of the best seed banks online. Deciding on the top three strains for each section was a struggle in itself, simply by the sheer number of quality strains to choose from. Yet as you can see below, we’re confident we made the right choice.
  • The history of Original Sensible Seeds (O.S.S) is one mixed with tears and joy. Yet one thing is for sure – this is without doubt one of the finest marijuana seed retailers in the world, providing over 2,500  of the most in demand strains known to man. With worldwide shipping and the usual selection of payment options including cash, bank transfer and credit card.

Feel free to check out any of the strains we listed below. Each link opens a page in a new tab, allowing you to pop back here as easily as you got here once your done. What’s more, each link below carries a unique identifier guaranteeing you the best free seed offers and discounts when you place an order through them at this marijuana seed mega store.

Our Choice Of Top Three Regular Strains

AK 47
This is a well-named variety as it has power and kick, and good for just about any scenario. This grade A, Sativa dominant, hybrid is bright green throughout. There’s regularity through this strain, and those who use it see few surprises. The buds are typically the size of a half dollar. The smell is good, and like the color it doesn’t vary no matter it’s origin. The taste is smooth, sweet and the effects are usually felt in the 1 to 2 minutes.

Potent, and with a quick effect this is a favorite strain for many who want a focused or uplifting feeling. This is a good motivation choice as it is a good head high, and doesn’t leave the smoker with the feeling of cobwebs in the brain.

Grandaddy Purple
The Grandaddy Purple is an Indica strain that lives up its name in having a light purple hue through the leaves. It is also known as GDP, and is a cross between Big Bud and Purple Urkle. The shading doesn’t actually make any difference in the taste, but it does allow users to instantly recognize it through the light mauve color mixed with lighter green nuggets. Another easily identifiable factor is the aroma, which reminds most people of grapes mixed with nuts.

The taste is what most smokers and especially vape users crave. The effects are up lifting, but not light. This is a good choice for a free schedule Saturday, or an evening pick-me-up spent at home or with friends. Medical marijuana sells market this variety to those with pain or insomnia.

Mendocino Madness
This Indica/Sativa is a heavy yield strain that’s a friend to those in pain, or who just need to leave their cares behind for a few hours. This is a fast growing hybrid that is known for being bug resistant. MMS has a flowering time of seven days, and grows up to meters high.
This is an indoor or outdoor plant with medium light green leaves and
yellow-orange hairs. There’s a nice coating of crystals. The scent is light,
smooth, and slightly floral.

Smoking or other uses of Mendocino Madness offers a light upbeat that does hamper some concentration, but doesn’t inhibit activity altogether. The taste is light, and the feeling is also mild with a spacey, but positive relaxed, lack of focus. This can afford a nice mellow feel even after a hard day.

Our Choice Of Top Three Feminized Strains

Blue Widow
Known as a grade A+ strain Blue Widow is a hybrid female strain from British Columba, and male White Widow from Hawaii.
This is a slow plant to bud at first, but heavy. Recognizable by its blue hue to the tops, and good side branching with solid buds. Thick leaves occasionally hide these buds, which are thick with resin. Medical growers offer this plant to those with headaches, lack of appetite, and mild to moderate pain.

This plant has a slightly tingly medicinal odor, but the taste is sweet and strong. The effect is stronger than many expect the first time, and there’s a visual as well as cerebral buzz. Prepare to feel “floaty”, exhilarated, and but not heavy. The lack of heaviness, and light feeling are helpful for those needing to improve appetite, or wanting to experience a little mood enhancement

LA Confidential
This is an Afghani Indica, and is much sought after in both America and the U.K. Rarely shared outside a small circle of growers, but chances of getting a sample are becoming a bit more relaxed.
Medical growers rave about this strain, and the unusual quality is a benefit is said to help those on the Autism spectrum with symptoms of this condition. The plant itself is vibrant with shades of indigo weave, red, and lemon yellow. Pink and lavender crystals dot the buds, and the leaves are a rich green.

The aroma from this strain is sweet and reminiscent of flowers. Smoked LA Confidential takes the smoker to a thick forest of flavor to enjoy the same light spicy moments found in a cup of Chia tea with a dash of nutmeg. This is a comforting aroma that lingers. The effects are outstanding for those who are feeling anxious, scattered, or having racing thoughts. The relaxing effect makes conversation easier, and thoughts more innocent of pain or nervousness. Those who imbibe deeper are taken to deep, and peaceful place where they are wrapped in a comforting body-buzz wrap.

OG Kush
This is a mystery strain, but according the most knowledge reports this is a cross between Lemon Thai and Old World Paki Kush and typed as Indica. This has been a popular strain especially in the western part of the U.S. since the 1990’s. It remains in high demand. Sold without stems the nuggets are usually the size of popcorn and is considered a solid medium blend.

Part of the demand comes from medical communities where this strain serves a number of purposes including relief from ADD, migraines, stomach issues, AIDs, cancer, MS, and anorexia. Growing it’s thought of a grade A indoor.

The aroma is sweet and piney like a visit to the forest, and the taste also associates with pine, but isn’t over whelming. Most find it has a pleasant aftertaste. This takes a short time to take effect, and the potency is very high for the average smoker.

Original Sensible Seeds Review – The Background

Originally founded in the UK back all the way back in 1992, the owners Alun and Dean were unfortunately a generation before their time. Having seen the explosion of the marijuana industry in Amsterdam at that time, they naturally wanted to emulate its success back in the UK.

Unfortunately however, back then the laws were a lot stiffer than they
are today, and Alun and Dean were eventually made a scape goat by the
UK authorities.

The business they had worked so hard to build up was cruelly destroyed as
both men were hauled through the courts – and despite being found innocent – ended up costing them hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Determined not to give up on their dream, both men set up base in Spain where the laws were less strict, and Original Sensible Seeds was born. Read more on their fascinating story by clicking here.

With an amazing collection of over 1200 premium marijuana strains, free seed promotions and worldwide shipping, we rate this seed bank up there with the best are without doubt among the cheapest and largest and marijuana seed banks online.

Ordering From The O.S.S Website

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