Nirvana Shop Review 2019 – Must Read Before Buying!

Welcome to our unbiased and honest Nirvanashop review. If you were to be ultra cynical you could say that Nirvana lack the huge selection of marijuana seeds that others like Seedsman and Original Sensible Seeds offer. But having some of the very best cannabis strains like Master Kush, White Widow and Northern Lights for as little as 25 Euro per pack of 5 feminized or 10 regular seeds is a steal in anybody’s eyes!

Of course we always recommend going with feminized marijuana seeds, since dealing with pesky males is just asking for trouble. Male cannabis plants not only take up precious room in your grow area, but can actually ruin an entire harvest, if they are allowed to pollinate the females during the flowering period. This is why we always recommend using feminized marijuana seeds for your grow – Unless of course you are planning on cultivating your own batch of marijuana seeds (by allowing the males and females to pollinate), in which case you will most certainly need some regular marijuana seeds to allow the pollination process to occur.

Getting back on point however, it can’t be overstated just how impressively cheap and value for money Nirvana are. Along with Sensi Seeds, they are one of the oldest and longest running marijuana seed banks online. Having been founded in 1995, adding a Nirvanashop review section to our website just made plain sense! Since then we and thousand of others have successfully ordered from their seed bank on multiple occasions with zero problems to date. And as such we have listed below our choice of the top three regular, and feminized Nirvana strains below that might help act as a guide to guide you in making the best purchase for your needs. Of course these are just our personal favorites – You may have a completely different taste than us!

Things You Need To Know

Nirvanashop ship their magical little beans to all countries worldwide except to Australia and Japan and payment options include payment by credit card, bank transfer, bitcoin, sofort banking and even by cash in the mail.

When you place an order at Nirvanashop you are instantly put at ease, not only by the offer of stealth shipping (free when you spend 100 Euro or more through any of the links here on our website), but also by the fact that you receive an email at every stage of the order, letting you know that your payment has been received, right the way through to notifying you when your seeds have been shipped.

While Nirvana don’t offer tracking at this point of time, maybe it’s for the best as you will see from the screenshot we have taken below from an article we found on their official website. We should also point out that we’ve never used tracking with Nirvana and have never had a problem to date!

To place an order from this marijuana seed merchant simply click on any link below which will open a new tab displaying our choice of the top marijuana seeds for sale from Nirvana Seeds. Enjoy!
Our Choice Of Top Three Regular Strains

Blue Mystic

Blue Mystic is a grade A Indica dominant strain. The potency is a 15 to 20% THC making it a good choice for recreational use, but it’s also a good stress reliever, and a possible aid for those with insomnia or loss of appetite. A strong plant for growers it has deep green leaves, and silvery hair.

The aroma of this plant is why some people love it so much. Those who enjoy black licorice will want to dive into the container. There’s also a hint of raspberry that’s not noticeable as the plant grows, but which does come out during the drying process.

The fruity flavor combines with the licorice smell for a great taste, and is often the most preferred strain by many women. The effects are soft glazy buzz capable of making the smoker forget any aches or pains.

Swiss CheeseThis stain fits the classification of 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. It is a reportedly a mix of Swiss Miss and UK Cheese.
This has a very quick flower at 6 to 8 weeks, and grows well indoors and outdoors.

A light mix of red and yellow against a light green coloring makes sense once you take a taste. Unlike its skunk ancestors, connoisseurs who enjoy a light hint of sweet skunk love this strain.

This is tasty with a hint of fruit and cheese that lingers in the mouth, but
doesn’t over stay it’s welcome. Vaporized this has a chestnut musky odor. Used medically for chronic pain, migraines, and anxiety it’s a best for heavy
relaxing and do-nothing days.

White RhinoThis strain is an Indica type that’s light green with bright orange colored hairs. Those who grow White Rhino are amused at the thousands of orangey hair that hangs off the bud making it look like a troll. The taste however isn’t scary at all with a strong hint of earth mixed with fresh berries. It even smells berry sweet. Most find it very smooth.

The effects are strong, and it is often used for pain relief, anti-anxiety, and relaxing. This is a recommended go to for those who are experience pain from cramps or long-term problems. As a result it makes an excellent choice to make the world’s care seem very distant and far away. Take too much however, and be prepared to slack out on the couch or in bed.

Our Choice Of Top Three Feminized Strains
NYPDThe ironically named strain NYPD is a tall plant of the Sativa Mexicana and Auroa India type. This has heavy feel, but recommended for its power. With a growing rate of 11 or fewer weeks it’s among the shortest grows for a moderate strain with a strong THC content. Tight buds give it a good, but not outstanding yield. Since it is a moderate grow with a high demand it’s sometimes harder to find in some locations.

While it is a heavier effect the taste is light with a lemon flavor. NYPD delivers a calming buzz that enhances the senses, but stills the nerves. Most who enjoy NYPD like to watch movies, sit on the beach, or relax by a pool after imbibing, and some unofficially suggest it as an aphrodisiac.

Raspberry CoughThis strain is a type Sativa 70 to Indica 30 with Cambodian and Ice origins. The flower for these seeds takes 65 days, but the wait is worth it as far as most who enjoy its flavor and power are concerned.
This is high THC plant with a stretchy open structure that loves a forgiving climate to grow. Indoor growers often have good results any time of year. The plant itself is tall, but thin so most growers place them closely together for maximum yield.

Despite its name the flavor has a hit of Asian spice, but also a strong hint of forest blends combined with mint, fruit and flowers. You could best describe it as a genuinely powerful mouthful, but the effect is good for those who want to be free of pain stress while keeping a clear head. Some who enjoy hiking having found this is a good choice as it allows physical activity with the benefit of a tranquil feeling.

Super SkunkSuper Skunk is a mind blowing Afghani type that flowers within 50 days, and grows to 120 to 150 cm. Indoors it can take up to 67 days to flower, but does yield a good crop when grown with care.  Thick stems and heavy branches are loaded with dense, pungent “skunky” scent. The body of the plant is typically stronger than most. A light green and yellow color runs through the end product and buds.

For those who haven’t tried it the smell is a surprise. It reminds many people of cheese, with a sweet skunk odor. Many claim it reminds them of cheddar popcorn fresh out of the tin or bag. Some have even nicknamed the strain Cheddar, but so far the original Super Skunk has stuck.

The effect is a liquid warm, spacy feeling with some reaching a euphoric high.

A Quick Recap On Our Nirvana Seeds Review

The phrase “Nirvana” is one used to describe “a state of enlightened happiness” and is an ideal choice of phrases for this marijuana seed bank Goliath.

In the heart of the bustling city of Amsterdam lies Nirvana’s main headquarters. Their history dates back the early 1980’s although officially their seed bank branch was founded in 1995. Nevertheless this still makes Nirvana one of the oldest marijuana seed stores online and it predates almost all copy cat competitors who carry the same range of seeds.

The seeds produced by Nirvana are mainly hybrid cannabis strains, meaning they are a combination of both Indica and Sativa genetics.

With pricing generally ranging from 20 – 30 euro for a packet of 10 regular seeds or 5 feminized seeds, this makes them also one of the most competitive seed banks online despite their relatively small collection of cannabis seeds.

Not only do they sell marijuana seeds, but also the nutrients required to help your plants grow with worldwide shipping to all countries except to Australia and Japan.

Placing Your Order

We hope our review on the top 3 regular and feminized strains from this long running cannabis seed bank will help you on your way to the ultimate grow journey of your life! Keep in mind however, that our choice of favorite strains is just that – Or in other words, is just OUR CHOICE. You may very well have a different favorite in mind, and who are we to say we’re right and you’re wrong! 🙂

However, what’s important to keep in mind, is that if you are considering placing an order from this legendary cannabis seed bank, then feel free to do so through any of the links on our site, where you automatically qualify for a huge range of discounts on your purchase – including discounts of up to 20% off when ordering extra quantities of each strain, TEN FREE SEEDS WITH EACH PURCHASE, free shipping on all orders over 100 Euro, and a range of other discounts!

Note : This is an old article before Nirvanashop became a poor choice to order from.
For a listed of trusted marijuana seed banks that come highly recommended, click here, or visit our highly rated ilovegrowingmarijuana  review section instead!