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Call them whatever you want. Small or mini water bongs are itty bitty and just plain cute. These are made for a number of clever purposes, and they have several benefits over larger water pipes. A remarkable tool for those who simple want to use some recreational weed, or those who need to have something handy for medical use marijuana at all times, the mini bong is often small enough to fit in a backpack or purse, and can be used almost anywhere.

The Price is Nice

One of the biggest benefits of using the mini or small bong is the equally low price. True, this isn’t for those who want a party with several people using the same device, but it is great for one person and the prices are often lower than a dinner in mid-scale restaurant for one. Others are far lower in cost than typically find for similar models of larger sizes.

Works the Same

In looking at the small glass options you will much the same choices you see in bigger selections, even down to the tiniest details. Glass is usually more expensive, but you can find details such as hollow foot, chillum, downstream, and larger than average funnel bowl attachments in designs that are only 14.5 mm. Most will also have the carb hole within easy reach. Clever designs aren’t missing from these choices either, in fact there are often more attractive bongs in this size than in larger models.

Fat-Body Fumed Glass Minis

You might think that in looking at the smallest of the small you’re stuck with thin pipe, but here you would be wrong. In fact, there are several manufacturers who offer hand blown fumed class designed to change color over time as the bowl is used. Look for high quality materials, and this offers the same smoother, purer taste as found in a regular size.

Ultra Small

It’s possible to find ultra small sizes of about 4 inches in height. The only thing you seem to give up in having a tiny water pipe is sharing with someone else. According to fans that love them there’s more than enough per pipe to have a good buzz. Such a tiny device can be hidden in the pocket of a large coat, and these are not as detectable in a dorm or hotel room as others. The chamber is often not that much smaller than with a regular pipe. The downsides are these are frequently fixed pieces and cleaning can be a problem, and so can loading. Most who use these sizes are careful to break the buds up into small pieces and also break up any dense pieces so these will fit and burn better.

Tiny Size Doesn’t Mean a Short Draw

Just because of it’s size don’t suspect these little bongs are short on power. You will you’re the fluffy white cloud, and since this size isn’t meant for a pass it’s all yours. These are meant to be used in exactly the same way as you would any other such device, and you can have a solo flight anywhere you want.

The Places to Find the Mini

These are fairly easy to find in most head shops although the search will probably be one you need to perform alone. It’s only natural for those selling paraphilia to want to move larger and more expensive items first, so often this means looking around by your self.

Online most find it easy to search specifically for minis by name and find the best one. This will mean a short wait for the device to arrive by mail, but manufacturer’s and website will usually make the life of those ordering easier by not indicating what’s inside the package. Once the wrapping is removed however you perfectly packed new pocket pal will be ready for use.

No matter where you make a purchase look for the extras that often come with the tiny size like boxes or carriers specifically designed to store the pipe. Because these are cheaper it’s also possible to order more than one for the same price as bigger bong, so ordering a different shape or material for a test run is also an option.

Keeping It Clean

While harder to clean it’s necessary to make sure the water is cleared out after use, and that the pipe is dry before packing it back up. Some materials such as plastic will pick up odors either from the weed or any liquid you use. This is especially true if you like to use herbal teas or floral additives in the liquid. Alcoholic liquids such as rum or wine left in the bottom will become a sticky or harden mess if left too long. Since these can be hard to clean with ease it’s well worth the effort to dump everything out as soon as you are done.