Make Money Selling Salvia – Sell it For Profit!

There are a number of ways of selling salvia for a profit. Starting out few are able to do more than pay some bills, but after finding a niche or clientele it is possible to make a decent pay rate. The first step naturally is to know as much as possible about this herb, and decide whether to be a grower or reseller. In most cases the most sought after sources are the growers since this is where the largest effort is in producing this drug. Having a plan in the beginning can help someone decide whether to buy, sell, resell, or eliminate the middleman and do it all.

Selling Salvia

Walking into a head shop it all seems so easy. The packaged dried leaves look neat and tidy. In places where this herb is legal it’s easy to find, and it sells well. The neat packaging and easy access are deceptive in only one way. Growing S. divinorum is work. It takes effort, and when buying and selling it’s necessary to either grow this alone, or find someone who is growing it and wants someone to find a commercial purpose for the results of their efforts.

Growing Salvia

The two hardest aspects to growing this shrub-like plant is finding the right soil, getting the right compost, and getting the cutting. The soil will need to black and rich. The plant itself has a hollow stem and spade shaped leaves. It’s native to cloud forests in a remote region of Mexico. If locally nurseries don’t have a cutting then the best bet is online. Look for those sellers who are willing to acknowledge where the cutting comes from, the exact price, and can offer information on how the cutting will be preserved during shipping.

Having a humidity tent will be necessary for most who attempt to grow the plant outside of the southwestern United States. The soil should have the same texture and richness with a heavy organic mix.

Since salvia is used to growing in a forest sheltered from direct light by other shrubs, bushes and trees it will need filter lighting. While the region of Mexico where the herb grows is humid it isn’t hot so a mid-range temperature will be necessary year round. A system of watering and drainage is necessary.

In order to grow the plant for the purpose of selling the grower will need to eventually produce enough to cover the cost of all this care.

Finding a Packager

For most people who interested in sales of this type of herb, regardless of legality it’s best to work out a method of package that avoids sending the product out for packaging. There are plenty of places where that will create and design professional level packaging, and all that’s necessary is to place the dried leaf inside. This allows the control to remain with the grower and the seller. This will add to the overhead expected of the product.

Starting Small

Some sellers have had good luck in selling from their own online sites. Others have found a way into selling directly to local head shops right away. Often it depends on local laws where the seller is located, and how well the final product is packaged. Some shops will be picky and want a professional looking product and packaging while others are more comfortable with a homegrown appearance. Taking a look at similar products and aiming for those with similar packaging is a good way to start.

The Virtual World and Real Sales

A method that some have found is to join with other co-operative sellers either in person or online. This allows the individual seller to defray some of the costs of packaging, as this will be a group effort. Online affiliate groups work in a similar manner in that advertising is covered, and more people can see the product. When the decision is to start an online sales site, it should be remembered that while these are often not expensive to run this is another cost that will affect the bottom line.

Watching the Competition

At first it might not seem fair, but young business can’t charge more than established competitors. From the customers standpoint it makes no sense to pay more. Young businesses also need to go the extra mile and show customers a high level of service in order to develop a strong customer base. This is true of any type of sales, but when buying this type of herb it’s important to gain the buyer’s trust.

The Bottom Line for Business

Most businesses will take a year to see a profit, but as sales for salvia are usually high it’s possible to see more profit early. Watching out for changes in laws regarding this product can allow a seller to stay ahead of potential legal issues.