Making Kratom Tea – Brewing Kratom Method

The easiest way to measure and take the herbal remedy Kratom is by drinking it as a tea. That’s not to say this is a tasty brew by any means. Most people, especially those in the western world find it bitter, and will down it as soon as possible after it’s cooled or has been refrigerated. Some prefer taking it as capsule for this reason, but this has it’s own complications, so the most popular method is to make a tea.

Simple Method

The reason this is a simple method is that most people have all the tools they will need to brew the tea already waiting at home. It’s easiest if one has a kettle and a tea ball, but if not, then all that’s really necessary is a way to boil water, and some implement that will strain the kratom leaves. Most people avoid using a tea maker as this could result in some of the Kratom leaves finding their way into a regular “cuppa” when it’s brewed from the same maker.

Small and Large Doses

What is important to remember while brewing this tea is that small doses and larger doses will result in very different effects. Smaller doses are stimulating much like having several cups of strong coffee or even a stronger mild stimulant. A medium level dose will cause a feeling of wellbeing or sedative effect. At the mid-range level this herb is used as pain reliever. At a large dose the person will usually feel very peaceful and euphoric or sleepy depending on the individual’s own chemistry. Because the results vary so greatly per the amount of the dose taken it’s very important if you want a stimulating effect to stick to a small dose, and to start with the mid-range dose and find bring up the amount to the point of feeling peaceful if this is the desired effect.

Boiling Leaves

In making the tea you will use the same method as making a fresh brew by leaf, but it’s very crucial to brew the leaves in the water, and not simply pour boiling water over them as this will not give the drinker the full effect.

Boil the amount of grams for the effect desired. 15 grams is average, and 25 grams is considered stronger. It’s possible to start with lower grams and ascertain through trail of various amounts what works best without exceeding 50 grams to a liter of water. After bringing the water to a boil and adding the leaves allow this steep on low heat for at 15 minutes. The drink will turn yellow or dark orange depending on the number of grams used. Strain the tea, and squeeze the leaves, but keep them as it possible to brew the same leaves twice.

Many people use additives to make it less bitter including sugar, honey, milk, or cinnamon. Even with additives most people try to drink the concoction as fast as possible in order to avoid too strong a taste.

Brewing Kratom

Making tea isn’t an American pastime. While some do love a cup of tea, for the most part the U.S. is a nation of coffee drinkers so, when faced with the challenge making Kratom tea it’s no surprise some in the United States are left confused. Not only do most not even have a strainer or holder – they aren’t used to brewing tea leaves at all. Why this herb doesn’t come in a tightly packed little bag for dipping into a cup shouldn’t be a determent for trying this method however, as most people have something in the kitchen that will work with few problems.

Using a Saucepan

Most will have a regular saucepan at home, and this is a perfect place to boil water. Depending on the amount of the dose ratio for water is typically one cup per 10 grams or less. The kratom leaves can be grounded or used just as they are. After placing the leaves in the boiling water the hot beverage should be brewed on low heat for 15 minutes. The leaves will become yellow or orange in color.

Straining the Tea

Anything with holes small enough such as fine pasta strainer will work in straining your kratom tea mix. If nothing else is available use a strong, thick paper towel or clean cloth to strain the leaves into a bowl. It’s important not let any leaves fall into the bowl as this will mean the leaves will be ingested whole if consumed along with the drink. If a strainer of some type is used then the leaves should be pressed in order to drain the liquid from them completely. This last pressing will ensure the strongest portion of the herb will be transferred to the bowl.

Moving the Tea to a Container

When there’s more than will be consumed in one dose the remainder can be kept in a container in the refrigerator. The mix itself will not lose potency as long as it is kept below room temperature.

Drinking the Tea

Milk, sugar, lemon, or other additives can be placed in the cup along with the dose of the tea. Stirring well and drinking quickly is the most common method of avoiding the bitter taste that it can emit. The additive that helps most for many in this situation is cinnamon used as stick, powder, or syrup form. Fruit syrups such as those used in coffee are also helpful for some.

Drinking with Juice

If drinking the tea simply isn’t palatable at all adding it to fruit juice is another method of managing the taste. This will dilute the dosage, and some individuals report that drinking it with juice increases the chance of having nausea.

Experiencing Nausea

For a rare few drinking this herb as a tea seems to increase the chance of experiencing nausea. If this is the case it might be a better idea to switch to capsule form, or to try crushing the leaves and taking the powder in fruit juice, or simply taking the powder by spoon and following it with the liquid of choice to drink.

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