Kratom Extract – Is It Better Than Tea Or Other Forms?

The most common ways to take Kratom are by powder or tea, but another possibility is as an extract or oil. These are typically denser and purer in form than leaves or powders so it is even more important to pay attention the dosage used, and not to start out by taking more the least amount necessary for a desired effect. Because extracts are boiled down from the leaf in a time consuming process these are usually a bit price than powder, capsules or teas. Beginners are urged to use other methods such as teas until becoming used the both the effect and dosage required for the effects they want, as the risk of side effects such as nausea are much higher.

The Pluses

Those who have used Kratom products before and who are used to the effects and what dosage they need will find extracts an attractive option because it will take less of the this form which usually has less odor or taste than other forms such as tea.  It is necessary to covert the normal dosage taken down to this extract form. If for example someone using 5 grams of powder wanted to try this form the concentration to look for would be 15x extract and he or she would take only 0.33 g. Naturally in some ways this makes this form easier to take, but it is more difficult at first to figure out the dosage. Some manufacturers or shops make this easy with instructions for use, or with conversions from powder. As with starting out with the leaves or powder it’s recommended to start out slowly and carefully determining how the herb will affect individual body chemistry.

The Negatives

This is a concentrated dose so the positive effects are usually a little stronger, but the same is true of side effects including drowsiness or nausea. Taking more than the body is used to can cause nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, difficulty thinking clearly, and a lack of coordination if the person measuring the dosage isn’t careful about how much they take safely.

Who Uses the Distilled Form

Because of the additional price those who use this form of Kratom are typically seeking a strong pain reliever, or using this herb to withdrawal from opiates or other additions. Extracts are recommended for those who are experience withdrawal symptoms from opiates or similar drugs, but the person doing so should not take the strongest possible when starting out, or take amounts similar to dosage of opiates last used. This is a strong herb, and its side effects could exacerbate the symptoms of withdrawal.

How to Take Kratom Extract

The easiest way to take the extract is to add it to a small amount of a liquid of choice such as juice and drink it, but this form can be added to food such as yogurt as well. Those who are used to this form or who have used Kratom before sometimes simply place the dose on the tongue and swallow it quickly to avoid any taste followed by a beverage of choice. See our choice of the top kratom stores online by clicking here now!