Is Salvia Sold In Stores or Only Online?

No one can predict the future. It’s possible that in a decade or so recreational drugs such as salvia-D and marijuana could be sold in pharmacies or over-the-counter. Legal aspects of selling and possessing s. Divinorum are still being debated. In some locations this leaf is legal, while in others there are bans and laws restricting it. So much concern about psychedelics is now common that while anyone finds it easy to purchase a beer, having a substances research shows is less likely to be addictive is harder to find. There are places to find fresh leaves, dried leaves or extract of this species of sage, but it can take some searching.

Not a Party Drug

Head shops in areas where Divinorum is legal often carry it. This leaf is marketed under a variety of names including Saliva Divinorum, s. Divinorum, Divinorum, Maria Pastora, Diviner’s sage, Seer’s Sage, Sally-D, or simply salvia. In most shops the plant is sold as a dried leaf, or in extract liquid form. It is also possible to find this as a resin.

Because salvia is taken while in a quiet, familiar environment it’s not considered a party drug. Some shops will put salvia in the back, or in a place where a customer has to ask or it because it’s not commonly used by their regulars. It’s also possible in some locations that shop owners are nervous about seeming putting it out where a younger clientele might see it. Salvia is more a rollercoaster ride of mind expansion whereas cannabis is more a funhouse. It’s not for everyone, so in some places it might be necessary to ask for it.

Looking Online

It’s easier to find Divinorum online. Again, it shows up under many names so a browser search of all of them will show a few dozen hits quickly. In these shops you will find it in bags or tins, and bottles of resin or extract or also available through online shops for prices that are comparable with the local prices in most areas. It is also easy to buy fresh leaves online as these are typically packed, and shipped to avoid the leaves drying before delivery. A single session will require up to 8 leaves. It’s a good idea to make sure of the number, and the packing method before ordering.

Ordering online is a good option after checking the site out to find if it has a return policy, and has properly seen to securing the site. It’s also a good idea to find out if placing such an order is legal in the area where one resides. Most online shops are conscious of not making packaging conspicuous, and have the buyer’s privacy in mind. Looking for such assurances ahead of time can help to avoid any issues later.

Places to Avoid

The “flash” shop or street cardboard table isn’t a good place to buy any product, much less anything that offers a high. There’s no way to know what’s in this product, and the person selling it might disappear next week or tomorrow. Many people have been taken in, and sold a false substance from these shops that face no consequences, so it is best to avoid them. Since those interest find it easy to obtain salvia it’s not necessary to buy from anyone who might not be on the up and up.

What to Expect When I Buy?

What a shop should offer whether online or around the corner is some assurance what they are offering is 100% salvia, and not mixed with another substance. Some packets do come in flavors, but these should have the same potency, and weigh the same as non-flavored leaves. In order to ensure this most will offer the packets as clear bags so you can see the product easily. This also makes it easy to compare prices.

What to Expect from Salvia

One of the reason, this is recommended for those who want to experiment with mind expanding drugs is that unlike many psychedelic drugs research has found that salvia –D is not habit forming, and no fatal overdoses have been reported. It is also a very short duration for the experience before the individual taking it returns too normal. In most cases when side affects such as nausea is experienced the person using it has tried to take more than the recommended first dose. Otherwise few people report feelings of adverse effects like a hangover or fatigue.

Effects of salvia usually run their course in 30 minutes or less with the apex of the experience at the 15-minute mark. Occasionally, some do report feeling effects up to 2 hours afterward, but those researching this drug have found the active component stops interacting with receptors after 30 to 40 minutes, so this would appear to be a period of “after-glow”, or emotionally digesting the initial effects.