Is Salvia Like Weed – Does Salvia Get You High?

There’s a Taoist story and a pictograph showing three famous men standing around a barrel of vinegar. The three men are Confucius, Buddha, and Laozi. The first two representations are making a face as they taste the liquid, and only Laozi is smiling. The story that goes with this picture is that Confucius makes a sour face as he tastes the vinegar because he saw life as in need of remedy, Buddha’s bitter expression indicates he experienced the flavor as something sour which must be painfully endured. On Laozi is smiling because he knew sour, bitter things exist so we can appreciate and enjoy what is sweet. In taking a taste of saliva divinorum not only does it not taste like weed, one should keep this story in mind. In order to experience the remarkable power of this herb, it’s necessary to endure a bit of a bitter taste.

Can’t Get Passed the Smoke

A few who have tried this herb claim they can’t get passed the smoke, and truly enjoy the high of diviner’s sage, but there are ways to still enjoy it. If the cigarette smoke is too much handle many have found the use of a bong, which purifies the smoke, and “clears” it in the water helps. So too does have some sweet herbal tea in a bong help in to improve the taste, and of course using a vaporizer will leave some bitter taste, but the grindingly harsher element of this unusual odor is removed. This makes it more palatable for some people.

Does Marijuana Smell That Good?

For most people who start out pot, their initial reaction to the smell of this smoke or what issued from their bong is long forgotten. The individual after a few uses will come to associate the smell of weed with good times, having fun with friends, relaxation, sensuality, or have a welcomed feeling of mellowness or creativity. Often the dankness of this smoke is forgotten until a non-user enters a room and makes a face.

What Do They Taste Like?

Marijuana typically has an earthy taste often covering over harder tones. Because these leaves are dried some other elements are often part of this taste. Again, it’s easy to forget the initial shock of smelling skunky flavor long before it was a welcomed scent. In reality the mild bitter smoke from salvia is not as strong. Comparing the two is like trying to find a similarity between apples and oranges.

Unlike cannabis it’s not possible to bake salvia in brownies or other goodies. This will negate the effectiveness of these compounds, and it would also be too bitter to use.

Flavored Packs

There are flavored packs for saliva that overrule the bitter flavor of this smoke. Naturally, most of these flavors are very sweet like cherry, peach, rum coco, strawberry, caramel, and apple. The flavor doesn’t show up much in the smoke, but it does affect the test. It’s best to pick a flavor the user will not find cloying or too sweet to tolerate for a complete session of smoking. These do make it easier to puff and to hold the smoke as the sweetness works in a company with bitter taste.

Flavor packs are often found in many head shops, but a few shops are reluctant to carry these as some people feel this gives the appearance of catering to younger people. These can be found online through shops and the price is usually roughly the same as non-flavored packs.

Drinking Tea

Some have gotten around the taste by making salvia teas. The tea can be made from simmer the leaves for 1 to hours with an ounce of the dried leaves per 10 cups of water. This will reduce the amount of liquid to about 7 cups. This allows the person making the tea to have what’s necessary for a session, and hold on to the left over amount to take at a later time. Most people will add mint, or some flavor to sweeten the tea. While this herb comes from the mint family, as a beverage it tastes more like those teas made of bark though not unpleasantly so.

Getting it Right

As the Tao points out it’s necessary to experience the bitter in order to truly enjoy the sweet. Besides the taste the big difference in cannabis and salvia is the duration and the powerful effects. Salvia offers an intense, but short trip compared to marijuana. For those who want or need to return to normal activities within a few hours, but still having an amazing experience. It’s also easier to measure out the amount to be used to have the best effect, as length of reaction remains fairly consistent, but the vividness and strength changes.