Is Kratom Safe – Does It Work – What Is It Used For

Kratom in itself is perhaps one of the safest herbal drugs to use, but that’s not to say that anything organic that’s digest should be treated lightly. The effectiveness of this herbal makes using it, and over using it very attractive, but as with anything there should also be a balance and a respect to the natural way the human body works.

Effectiveness of the Kratom Leaf

In Southeast Asia for hundreds of years this leaf has been taken straight from the tree the large vein stripped out, and the leaf chewed in its raw form. For those who used it became known for its ability to re-energize those who used it. Much like coffee only stronger and with fewer side effects the leaf was also used in teas. Low doses produce a stimulating effect with the drinker of the tea at this dose feeling talkative, upbeat, and energized. A slightly larger dose gives the drinker a warm glow, and will dull pain. At still higher dose the drinker will feel a steady glow, a sense of peace, and for some a euphoric feeling.

This drug is effective for almost anyone, but since it must be made correctly, and measured exactly many people who don’t use caution will either feel no effect, or will experience a more dramatic effect than intended. Measuring must be as precise as possible, and for most people starting at the lowest possible dose for the desired effect is the best way to find the right personal dosage as results will vary to a degree from person to person.

How safe is Kratom?

First, there has never been a reported case of fatality from using this herb. That’s not to say that some who have tried it have not made the same mistakes others have made with a variety of herbal treatments and supplements. Unfortunately too many individuals mistakenly believe herbs and supplements unlike prescription medicines can be used indiscriminately and that warnings and directions can be ignored if something is sold over the counter with being under a doctor’s care. Even some vitamins when taken in too large an amount or taken more frequently than advised will cause adverse effect and even death. Again, while Kratom has never been linked to deaths, someone who takes it too often over time can become at least psychological dependent on using it, and anyone taking too large a dose at time can become extremely nauseous. Used responsibly Kratom is safe, and it is legal in most parts of the world.

As with almost any supplement, herb or drug the idea of “a little is good so a lot is better” is not a common sense safe approach. It is possible for this herb to be helpful even if used only recreationally, but it should be respected for it is, and used in a balanced and responsible way.

When it’s understood that measurements are extremely importantly in using Kratom to have the effects desire this is among the safest herbs to use.

Is Kratom For You

Now that we have cleared up the question of is kratom safe to use, you should see that just like anything else that is enjoyable in life, it should be taken in moderation. The important things to keep in mind are to:

  • Always follow the recommended daily dosage.
  • Develop an understanding of how much is enough for your particular needs.
  • Start off with a low dosage and work your way up.

Choosing The Right Source

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