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Welcome to our updated, detailed and honest Ilovegrowingmarijuana review. Here we aim to help you feel more secure in the knowledge that you are ordering from a tried and trusted source . Right now, you probably have some unanswered questions in relation to this marijuana seed bank. Our aim is to alleviate any concerns you may have, and help you choose the best marijuana seeds for your needs.

So are ilovegrowingmarijuana a scam or are they legit? Relax. In just a few minutes you will feel totally at ease in the knowledge that you have chosen the right seed bank for your needs! And when you are ready to place your order, you will find our unique ilgm discount code at the end at the end of this i love growing marijuana review article. This ilgm discount code ensures you’ll receive the maximum discount possible when placing your order!

I love growing marijuana Review Continued – Why Order From ILGM? 

As yet another of the tried and trusted marijuana seed banks that we review here on Marijuanaseedsavings, Robert Bergman’s I love growing marijuana have risen from the ashes to take the marijuana seed market by storm. What began from humble beginnings as just a regular marijuana growing blog, ILGM have now become arguably the number one marijuana seed bank online.

Robert Bergman has been in the marijuana growing industry for more than 25 years. Yet it’s only been a couple of years since he converted a hugely successful blog into an even bigger success as a marijuana seed bank. Depite the relatively small amount of time that the “shop” section has been alive, they now boast one of the most impressive range of cannabis seeds for sale – of all the weed seed banks online!

In this i love growing marijuana review, we could literally talk for hours on why we feel they are the ideal choice of cannabis seed bank. Or we could save ourselves a lot of writing, and you a lot of reading too, simply by listing these reasons instead…

Guess which option we preferred!

Just some of the advantages of ordering from I love growing marijuana are :​

  • Free shipping to the US and Northern Europe!
  • Super potent and high THC producing strains for sale
  • Super high yielding cannabis seeds
  • Robust and highly integral review system (available to view under each different strain of marijuana seeds for sale)

  • Germination guarantee
  • Germination tutorials
  • Multiple mix packs to choose from
  • Multiple nutrients to choose from
  • Hundreds of helpful blogs posts
  • Easily choose by seed type (Indoor, outdoor, high THC, high CBD etc​​

  • Discreet “stealth” packaging
  • Order tracking
  • Grow guide that’s suitable for growers of all levels of experience
  • Complete grow sets
  • Some of the best deals online
  • Nutrients, Mix packs, CBD oil..
  • A huge number of successful and happy customers..
Our Ilovegrowingmarijuana review gets even better… 

But that’s not all that our i love growing marijuana review has to offer! In fact, we haven’t even begun to touch on the excellent customer support, competitive prices, and top of the range grow equipment, that all add up to make I love growing marijuana the perfect addition to our growing list of trusted marijuana seed banks.

Free shipping to the United States and Northern Europe

For those of you lucky enough to be reading this i love growing marijuana review from either the United States, or from Northern Europe, we have some great news! I love growing marijuana are now shipping their cannabis seeds to all areas within these two shipping zones.. for.. wait for it… FREE! 😀

We know, it’s a bummer if you’re reading this from Australia, Southern Europe, or elsewhere in the world. However don’t let that put you off. There are very few other seed banks online that are as reputable as I love growing marijuana. So be careful what you wish for if you consider buying from anybody else!

Remember, the prices are displayed in US dollars

Although the seed prices at on the ilovegrowingmarijuana website are listed in USD, the company itself is actually situated in Amsterdam, Europe.  Discreet and stealth shipping is available to every country worldwide, with packages expertly disguised and shipped from alternating addresses to avoid the prying eyes of customs. Customers living in  the USA can expect to receive their product between 5 and 25 days after placing their order, with the average time being closer to 10 days. Generally speaking, on the few times that we have placed an order at i love growing marijuana, we haven’t had to wait any longer than 2 – 3 weeks for our seeds to arrive, and we live on the West Coast of the United States.

Read on below for our choice of the top three regular and feminized strains available from i love growing marijuana in our extended i love growing marijuana review, and discover how you can make the highest savings on your purchase!

Our Choice Of Top Three Regular Seeds

ilgm review

Jack Herer

Jack Herer was a legendary activist for the legalization of marijuana. Besides this, he also wrote the book “The Emperor wears no clothes”. So it’s a fitting tribute that one of the best hybrid marijuana strains is named after such an inspiring figure.

The first of our “regular” seed choices in this i love growing marijuana review, Jack Herer is a 50% – 50% blend of indica and sativa genetics. This 50/50 cross gives the user an excellent combination of both the “stoned” and “high” feeling. With long lasting “airy headed” effects, not only is Jack Herer an excellent strain to smoke, but it’s high yields of more than 500 grams per square meter make it particularly appealing to those hoping for a heavy cash crop.

Influenced by its 50% sativa genetics, some phenotypes can grow quite tall with a small handful reaching 1.7 meters in height if allowed to do so. One can easily control this issue by topping and fimming the plants when required.

One of the most popular medicinal marijuana strains on the market, Jack Herer is suitable for growing for all growers, from beginner to advanced. But it should be noted that this strain is best suited to growing indoors only – Unless you live in an extremely warm climate where it will be able to finish flowering before the harsh winter weather sets in.

ilgm website scam

 Northern Lights

If it’s feelings of euphoria and relaxation that inspires you to grow, then no other marijuana strain in our i love growing marijuana review will give you these feelings as Northern Lights does! A hugely popular strain it simply had to make it into our i love growing marijuana review guide! Northern Lights is a 100% indica, meaning it can be grown indoors or outdoors with complete satisfaction.

With high THC levels of 17 – 19% you would think that being a 100% indica you would get a very strong stoned and “couch locked” effect. But on the contrary, the feelings produced by smoking Northern Lights are much more inline with the way you would feel had you smoked a completely sativa dominated strain – Expect to experience a searing high packed full of bright and imaginative ideas!

For stealth, Northern Lights is a medium height grower, making it completely inconspicuous in outdoor grows, while for indoor grows it won’t cause any height problems in your grow room. At harvest time you can expect to see the huge dark green fan-like leaves and buds glistening in tricrome rich THC goodness, and just waiting to be smoked and shared among friends!

super skunk

Super Skunk

Yet another indica dominant plant (75% indica – 25% sativa), due to it’s extraordinary indica-like “stoned” feelings we simply had to include Super Skunk in our i love growing marijuana review selection of top three regular marijuana strains from ilovegrowingmarijuana.com.

Of course if you can get Super Skunk in feminized form then by all means we recommend it, but even in regular seed form Super Skunk has always been, and will most likely always be, in our top three strains of all time.

You’ve no doubt by now heard of it before. If you haven’t then it’s your lucky day that you’ve landed here at our i love growing marijuana review! Even if you’ve never grown it, Super Skunk is perhaps the most well recognized and grown strain in the world due to it’s extremely potent effects, beautiful skunky smell, and cash cropping yields. Having just one of these three features is bliss, but to have all three in one strain is heaven on earth!

Although it can grow to be quite a tall plant if allowed to do so, Super Skunk’s thick branches and stems can easily hold the colossal weight of flowering buds that emerge during a quick flowering period. In fact the flowering period is significantly shorter than many other strains, with buds being ready for harvest after only 56 days from the beginning of the flowering period. All in all, this strain is a cash cropper’s dream, and is ideal for indoor, outdoor and medicinal use. It’s also perfect for beginner growers too! All in all, we couldn’t leave this baby out of our i love growing marijuana review no matter how hard we tried!

Our Choice Of Top Three Feminized Seeds
ilovegrowingmarijuana discount codeAK 47
AK 47 is one of the best known marijuana strains in the world, with every man and his dog familiar with this majestic sounding cannabis strain. And feminized version covered in this i love growing marijuana review will without doubt leave you purring with pleasure. A mostly sativa strain, it’s ideal for indoor use, although outdoor growers can expect it to finish by the end of October. That said, in this i love growing marijuana review we recommend only growing this strain outdoors in a warm climate, otherwise you run the risk of the harsh weather setting in just as your plants are in the height of their flowering period.

AK 47’s sativa dominant high is ideal for managing social activities with a cheesy smile on your face, but with your mind remaining in an engaged and mentally alert state for whenever you have to deal with one of life’s many problems! All in all, we would have to say that AK 47 is one of the best sativa marijuana strains that we’ve tried, and and ideal addition to our i love growing marijuana review!


Medicinal marijuana users and fruity cannabis lover visitos to our i love growing marijuana review section.. rejoice! Blueberry offers the best of both worlds by combining a beautifully fruity blueberry taste and smell, with one of the highest CBD counts of all the seeds for sale at I love growing marijuana.

Yet another hybrid cannabis strain to make our i love growing marijuana review, Blueberry leans much more heavily on the indica side (80% indica – 20% sativa). This makes it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor grows, with very high yields reaching up to 500 / 700 grams per meter squared when given the optimum grow conditions.

The chances of reaching a super high yield like this are further improved for outdoor growers since the plants are not limited by space and or lighting conditions. Yet with that being said, indoor marijuana growers have also been know to reach this type of yield. Speaking from experience we can say that the best we did was just a little under 400 grams per square meter when grown indoors.

For medicinal users and regular users alike, the high CBD levels in Blueberry are said to reduce anxiety and panic, while delivering the ultimate “couch locked” stone.

og kush

OG Kush

A great choice for beginners, intermediate and advanced growers alike, OG Kush is one of the most popular strains to choose from in our i love growing marijuana review. This is particularly true for growers from the United States where it’s popularity far exceeds any demand that it receives from either Europe, Australia and other countries around the world.

With that being said, word of it’s incredibly potent medicinal properties, distinct sour / lemon flavour, and high levels of THC are beginning to make growers from these parts of the world wake up and smell the OG coffee!

This particular kush strain is said to contain the highest levels of THC of all the kush strains on the market. With a dense bud structure, you can expect to receive an average yield of close to 450 grams per meter squared when these marijuana seeds are given the optimum lighting and soil conditions.

People that suffer from migraines, depression, nausea and a wide range of other medicinal problems tend to turn to OG Kush for it’s medicinally healing properties. But that doesn’t stop the millions of others who enjoy it for being one of the most potently sour indica marijuana strains known to mankind! What an amazing strain of cannabis, and certainly deserving to make our i love growing marijuana review top 3 list of feminized seeds to choose from!

Don’t Forget Our ILGM Discount code!

​​Of course our choice of “top three” regular and feminized seeds listed above in our i love growing marijuana review are just our personal favorites. At the end of the day you may prefer to go with another strain or number of strains that you feel will best suit your needs. The ilgm feminized mixpacks are a great choice for new marijuana growers who wish to experience the taste, high, and growing experience of a range of different cannabis strains.

ILGM Review – Shipping And Payment Options

The usual forms of payment apply apply at i love growing marijuana. Payment by credit card, bitcoin, bank transfer, and cash in the mail are all perfectly acceptable methods of payment. In fact, if you pay using bitcoin you can actually get an additional 10% discount off your order – on top of the i love growing marijuana discount code we are about to give you!
Read these easy instructions on how to buy cannabis seeds using Bitcoin!

All orders are stealthily shipped in discreet packaging with no reference being made as to either the sender or the contents of the package. Even better than stealth shipping is the i love growing marijuana offer that if your marijuana seeds don’t arrive, they’ll resend them for free!

For those on a budget

If you’re visiting our i love growing marijuana review but money is an issue, then not to worry.. you will for sure find some great value in the ILGM discount and special offers section. Right now they are offering a deal of buy 10 and get 10 free on a selection of seeds.. even on feminized seeds! See more at Couponchief’s Seedsman promo code page. Note :  When you click the link above in this i love growing marijuana review article to the ILGM discount special offers section, the link will open in a new tab, allowing you to remain on our website while placing your order in the newly opened tab!

I love growing marijuana Discount Code and Conclusion

Still got reservations? Then why not check the FAQ page over at the official i love growing marijuana website for anymore answers you may need! Further information on payment, shipping, order tracking and much more can be found here.

Oh, we almost forgot to mention the amazingly helpful Marijuana Grow Bible! Available 100% FREE to anybody who wants to download, this hugely detailed Grow Guide is literally jam packed with helpful information that’s guaranteed to improve your grow and overall final yields! We would go so far as saying that this is the most comprehensive marijuana growing guide available on the entire “interweb”. And that’s saying something! If you haven’t already downloaded your free copy, you can get yours now by following this link.

That’s all for now, so peace out to all our fellow i love growing marijuana review loving brethren!
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