How To Use A Vaporizer Effectively

As popular as rolled cigarettes have been for the majority of marijuana users, these do have their downsides. The effects of smoking any substances are clear, and the risk of carcinogens are all reasons for vaporizers flying off the shelves. Learning how to use one of these devices is easy, and most who try them firmly state they will not go back to smoking. The result of a draw is a clear, crisper, and better tasting high than through any other method. These units are also more economical in the long run as more of the fill is used more efficiently.

Following Instructions

Once a vaporizer is purchased most will have instructions and these are important.  The operation of a vaporizer is typically very safe, but each has specific ways that ensure the safety of the user, and the quality of each draw. The end result is either completely invisible or is seen as a misty cloud. When used correctly these devices delivery a smooth puff that tastes more of pure cannabis than any rolled joint could ever offer. The smell should remind the use of hot popcorn with a slight hint of mint.


Most long time users of these devices recommend find grounding in order to facilitate the process. The fresher the ground to the point of using it as fill in the chamber the better for a good taste, and an effective mix.

Naturally, the larger devices will have a larger bowl and chamber so it’s possible to fill it with more. Smaller devices will hold about as much as a typical rolled cigarette.

Deciding on the Proper Heat

When using these devices for the first time it’s necessary to experiment a bit with the heat. Most instructions will recommended a heat, and will specific certain temperatures to avoid at certain times. While starting out with these it is often necessary to try different heating settings in order to achieve the results desired.

The heat used in all models creating a vapor will not use combustion. Heated above 400 F. and cannabis will start to burn. This releases a hot, heavy smoke full of carbon and added carcinogens. This smoke is also the tale telling quality of toking, since the smell of burning marijuana is very distinctive. It is a sour, dank smell, which everyone who smells it can instantly identify. Under this temperature and what’s released has an earthy, airy, organic aroma.

Cannabis using in a cigarette for example is burning at temperatures at or above 451 F. Keeping the vaporizer under 400 F., and at a temperature around of 350 F. it’s possible to achieve a strong vapor. Temperatures in a bong or homemade vaporizer can exceed 800 degrees causing combustion or burning of the marijuana especially if it is ground finely, but in a vap this isn’t a problem as most will not allow this heat.

Flavinoids within the filler inside the chamber will start to deliver around 280 F. to 300 F. allowing you to enjoy the taste while the THC is delivered about 250 F. The highest THC efficiency is at 440 F., but most vaps will not have this setting as it creates a thicker heavy scent, and combustion is a possibility. The proper settings on the vaporizer are the most efficient because the THC is delivered evenly, smoothly, and has more is extract per draw than possible through drawing on a cigarette.

At about 300 F. the misty cloud will turn from opaque or whitish to a greenish hue, and this isn’t a problem as long as it doesn’t turn brown or begin to smell of burnt popcorn.

How to Draw

The mouthpiece in some small devices is more or less a tube. On larger vaporizers it’s a larger plastic piece. Drawing is done in much the same way as with a cigarette, but since the mixture is smoother most are able to draw in faster and deeper. It’s not necessary to hold the breath in to achieve results as once the mixture reaches the lungs the effect will occur no matter how long a breath is held or exhaled.  It’s also not necessary to draw as deep as possible since the vapor will remain in vap or in the balloon until drawn.

If the results make the user start coughing it’s time to try a lower temp as this shouldn’t occur.

Reusing the Chamber

Once a session is over it’s always tempting to have one more. Those choosing to reload the vaporizer should exert care to wait until it cools down properly. The heating elements, chamber and bowl get very hot. Even those that use hot air instead of a heating element can give a nasty burn if care isn’t used after the device has achieved temps over 350 F.