How To Use A Bong Effectively

How to use a bong. Moving away from rolled cigarettes is a good choice. The carbon and impurities from drawing this smoke into the lungs isn’t as healthy as other alternatives. Considering a bong is among the best options for anyone considering a new way to use marijuana either for medical reason or for recreational use. In those places where it is difficult to use cannabis the bong offers less tale-telling smoke and odor from the use of this herb. Ordering or making a bong is simple, and many have found they use less of their buds they when using this method instead of rolling it. Most people are able to use this method with ease, and those with physical limitations often find ways to modify a water pipe for easier use.

How to Smoke from a Bong

The smoke from a bong is denser, but milkier than that of a cigarette. The particulates smokers often draw into their lungs is absent because these like most carbons are left behind in the water used in the pipe. This gives the smoker more of the end product without the darker smoke from the combusting paper and bud. While this reduces the amount of risk of inhaling carcinogens it does increase the amount of THC drawn into the lungs. For the novice bong user care should taken in the first couple of uses not to inhale more than they are used to, or this could mean a day spent on the couch instead of returning to other activities.

The Water

The fluid at the bottom of your bong will draw out the impurities resulting in a thick, white, creamy looking smoke. To accomplish this the bottom of the water pipe is filled with cool water. Some people use ice in the chamber to further cool the smoke down.

To fill the pipe, look at stem that comes from the side of your bong and extends to near the bottom. The fluid should cover the stem’s lower portion, at least enough to cool the smoke. The liquid shouldn’t be so high however, that it will splash up, or back up into the bowl.

Packing the Bowl

The bong’s bowl might look small at first, but you can actually use as much bud as you might with a cigarette. It’s important through not to over pack the bowl, as this will make it burn slower. The bowl itself is the rounded part at the end of the stem. It’s best to break apart the bud with the fingers or scissors, or if it’s very dense grind it first.  Don’t grind it too finely or the tiny pieces will fall down the stem into the bottom part of your bong.

How to Hit a Bong

If the water pipe has a carburetor you will place your finger on it before lighting the pipe or inhaling. The carb is the hole at the side of the water pipe. Some pipes will not have one, and if this is the case just proceed to the next step.

  • Place your mouth on the top of the chamber. Some bongs have definite mouthpieces while others simply have an opening either way you lips should fit inside the top of the bong. The lips inside the device will prevent air from escape. Don’t press down too hard as you lean forward or you’ll leave marks around the mouth.
  • Some water pipes are made with removable stems. When this is the case you can remove the stem to act as a carb. When there is no way to remove the stem and there’s no carb the only way to clear smoke is from the top of the water pipe.
  • Light the substance you’re using in the bowl, and at the same time inhale. You will need to hold the lighter or match to your bowl as you inhale through your mouth. You can put the lighter or match out as soon as the substance in the bowl starts to glow red just as you would stop lighting a cigarette at that point. Put your finger back on the carb.
  • Still keeping you mouth in place take as big a hit as your can. If you have never tried a bong before you might want to only fill the chamber about half way before inhaling. Otherwise you might wind up coughing, choking, or even a bit dizzy. If you have used a water pipe before then milk the chamber full of smoke and enjoy.
Enjoying the Buzz

If there is a carb take your finger off, or pull out your bowl if this is possible. Take a break and cover the mouthpiece to conserve the smoke. As you feel like it you can now enjoy and inhale the rest left in the chamber.  As long as the stem is out or you aren’t lighting the bud again you don’t need to hold the carb down.