How To Take Kratom Effectively

How to take kratom? Those who have tried Kratom in one form or another are often curious if there are alternative ways to enjoy the use of this herb. For those who like the effects of dosage they are taking as a tea, but don’t like the bitter taste for example there are ways to alleviate this problem. Trying different methods of preparation or form can also help with other issues such as nausea on taking this herb.

Chewing or Taking Powder Directly

The method this herb has been taken for generations, in Southeast Asia where it grows naturally is simple to chew on the raw leaf until the desire effect is attained. Some have found the easiest way to use Kratom is to chew the same dried leaf used to make tea. The positive here is there is no need for brewing, but the negative is there’s no relief from the bitter taste using this method. The other method is taking the powder directly, and then immediately drinking something sweet. Using either of these methods it’s important to use a dosage that’s familiar and does not exceed the recommended dosage for the desired effect. For example, a lighter dose will have the effect of a stimulant.

Taking Kratom with Juices

Using the powder with acidic juices such as lemon, or grapefruit will help to break down the alkaloids in the herb giving it a similar effect to that of brewing the leaves as a tea. Mixing the powder well and giving it a few minutes to dissolve is advised before drinking. For some the taste is an improvement over tea, and some report not tasting the herb at all. Others still find the taste difficult to swallow, but in this form it’s easier for most to drink quickly. Because this will be absorbed in the body as quickly as tea it’s recommended to be certain of the dosage used.

Eating in Yogurt

The taste of some yogurt can mask the taste of the powder well. To take in this manner it’s best to use yogurt right out of a refrigerator. Fruit can be added to further hid the taste of the powder. Stir in carefully and let it sit for a few minutes than eat as normal. For some this is a good way to avoid nausea when taking this herb, while for others it seems to raise the risk of having this effect. If this is the first time for use of the powder it’s best to try this method with a very low dose to test what the person effect might be.

Additives to Tea

The best way to mask the taste of the tea is to look for what will best cover up the bitter taste. For most drinkers this is cinnamon, fruit syrup, honey, sugar, along with other ways to dilute the taste such as milk or a creamer. For many drinkers the best way is still to wait until the tea is cooled sufficiently to drink it quickly.

Taking Kratom Reviewed

There are various different ways of taking kratom – It’s up to you which one you choose. However whichever method that you choose, you will be amazed at the benefits that this wonder drug can do for your energy levels and general well being.

While some might consider it to be simply a sedative with an effect somewhat like what marijuana delivers, the truth is that this “legal” drug delivers far more than just a relaxing feeling. Just like anything, it should be taken in moderation, so depending on the strength or level you take you will gain a different experience. Taking too strong a dose or too much at once before your body is used to it and naturally you will feel very relaxed and at one with yourself, while taking a lower dose will give you a clear and energetic uplifting kind of feeling. The feeling that suits you best goes hand in hand with the levels and amount that you ingest in other words.

The Ultimate Kratom Suppliers Guide

So now that you understand the effects and ins and outs of how to take kratom, the next thing to understand is that not all kratom retailers online can actually be trusted to deliver your precious product. The problem is that some of them have gained quite a poor reputation for simply being low down dirty scammers, making the precious few reputable suppliers all that more difficult to find.

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