How To Smoke Salvia Like A Pro

How to smoke salvia. As with any recreation drug everyone who has tried it in the past has advice. The difference in methods doesn’t usually result in a change in duration. From onset to ending the individual’s body will “use up” the chemicals in salvia quickly, but it can change the powerful natural of the trip itself. The words most commonly used by those who use Diviner’s sage or Sally-D as it is now commonly called are powerful, intense, and awe inducing. This isn’t a drug to be taken lightly, and when first trying it out it is best to keep in mind small steps are better at first.

How Salvinorian A Gets into the System

The active substance inside Salvia divinorum is a diterpenoid compound known as Salvinorian A. It will enter the blood stream of the person smoking through the lungs. The person who is of an average sensitivity to the substance will need only 0.5mg in this individual’s system to achieve an effect. The average strength of Sally-D leaves contains enough of this substance at 1/5 or 200mg to achieve effect. Since some of the leaves will be lost to the combustion and burning of the cigarette or that never reaches the lungs, it’s possible to use up to 400mg in order to see results.

It is important to note that marijuana usage will not mean using more than 400mg the first time is necessary. It’s not possible to judge how sensitive a person is to this substance based on the use or lack of sensitivity to larger amounts of cannabis. This is an entirely different compound as those found in weed.

The Easiest Way

While it doesn’t necessarily get all the smoke into the lungs of the smoker a rolled a leaf cigarette is among the simplest ways to smoke Diviner’s sage. As long as there is someone around to ensure any left over material is put out this is also a safe way for the smoker since it’s harder to over do it and take too much using this method. There is no need to hold the smoke inside the lungs for more than a few seconds before taking the next puff. Typically the person once the person the person reaches the point of sensitivity they will begin to have effort in within minutes. A place to set the cigarette and put it out should be handy incase a the individual wishes to stop or begins to have visual and perception effects before the cigarette is put out.

The Bong

The bong method of smoking is not hard, but anything is more complicated than rolling a cigarette and lighting it. In using a bong it’s better to use a water pipe type that will make it easy to draw in more of the smoke once it’s purified and cooled by the water. The stem and bowl should be cleaned to ensure there’s nothing clogging the pathway. It’s recommended to inhale slowly and deeply. An entire dose can be consumed this way quickly. If enhanced leaves are used remember that less is necessary to achieve effect.

Vaporizers and Seer’s Sage

When using a vaporizer it’s necessary to very carefully measure out the amount to be used as this method is among the purest method to inhale a substance. There’s little choking or sputter with a vaporizer, and some of the mist is clear. It’s possible to quickly take in more than realized. This can result in a more powerful effect than desired, and can also result in physical effects such as nausea, vomiting, or as many who have experience it say all three results with the person feeling sick and out of control.

Other Methods

Some people who have used this substance for a long time still swear by chewing the leaves and drinking the juice from this. While this a messy method it does help to ensure that the person taking their first dose doesn’t over do it. It’s possible know as soon as the effect start to hit.

The Rapid Way Salvia Hits

This is not the slow high of magic mushrooms or pot. This particular herb hits very soon after ingestion and the entire experience runs through it course quickly. Within 30 minutes the entire experience will wind down.

Resistant Subjects

A few individuals appear to have resistance to the active compounds in this substance. The reason for this is as yet unknown, but these few people do not see the same powerful high, as is the average reaction. These people will need to smoke more than typical person in order to achieve the same effect. No one should ever assume they are resistant before trying an average dose several times. There could be factors affecting the first few experiences and at a later time this person will have an intense reaction.