How To Make A Bong

How to make a bong? There are number or reasons a person might need to quickly acquire the skill of constructing their own bong. An unfortunate meeting of a glass bong to high surface ranks high among the causes as does having a water pipe handy when the opportunity arises to have a nice long smoke. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to make one with supplies you can find around the home, or in a convenience store when you stop for gas.

The First Step

The first step is to find a plastic water bottle. A 2-liter or 16 ounce is the best choice. The healthiest idea would be to use a fresh un-opened bottle and place the water in another container. You’ll need the water later anyway, and this will ensure the bottle is clean. If you do have to co-op the use of a bottle that’s been emptied previously this will need to be cleaned thoroughly and dried.

The Paperclip and the Lighter

The most effective to make hole is to take a paper clip and unfold the first curve. This leaves you with an easy portion of metal clip to hold onto and a straight point that’s sharp. Heat the sharp point with the lighter. Keep in mind the heat will climb up the metal so be careful not to burn your fingers. Place the paper clip someplace safe, as you will need it again.

You will need to cut out a one eighth inch or three millimeter hole two inches from the bottom your bottle. On those bottles with groves or ridges pick as spot that’s indented. This hole will be where you the smoke enters from the bowl and stem you will create. The tighter the opening is the less sealant you will need so the try not to make this too big.

Pens to Rescue

For the tube that enters this hole you can use a thin, hollow metal tube if you have one. If you don’t use take a medium size disposable pen and empty the ink tube inside it, and also remove the bottom and top. This leaves you with a hollow tube you can use. Looking at the water bottle remember you will need the tube stick downward at an angle so as you place it push downward. The tube should stick inside the bottle about inch or so from the bottom with the majority of your tube sticking out of the bottle at a right angle.

Sealing the Stem

The small opening now needs to be made airtight as if it’s not closed the smoke will escape. You can use gum, or tape to seal this spot. To test to see if the area is closed place your mouth at the top of your bottle and blow through it while keeping your hand near the hole. If you feel air coming through the hole then you still need to work on the seal.

Be Carefully Inventive with the Bowl

You can use a regular glass bowl from a smoke shop if you have, but chances are good if you did you wouldn’t be putting all this effort into making a bong. Some handy people simply using rolling paper make a cigarette, and stick this onto the end of the tube. If this doesn’t work for you, others have used foil to make a bowl, but be aware aluminum isn’t good for you. When heated carcinogens in the foil will be transferred to you lungs so it’s best to avoid this material. Look around for alternatives and the right material to use for the bowl and often you spot the perfect substitute.

Filling the Bong

Pour about an inch or so of water in the bowl. The bottom portion of tube should be covered, but don’t fill it too full. The top portion of the bong acts as chamber for the smoke so you need several inches here as well.

Making the Carb

The hole in a bong is often called a carbonator or carb. This is used to clear the smoke. The hole needs to be above the water, but not to high in chamber or it won’t be effective in clearing the smoke. Be sure to place the hole where water won’t slush out of it if you squeeze the bottle too tightly. To make the hole take the paperclip and heating once again carefully make a small hole in place you’ve chosen.

Ready to Use

Now you can fill the bowl with whatever you have selected to smoke, and holding one finger over the carb light the bowl and suck lightly from the top of the bottle. Milk the chamber until you see the burning material take on a glow, and smoke to fill the chamber. Let go of the carb and inhale as deeply as is comfortable. And now you know exactly how to make a bong!