How To Make Hash Oil For Vaporizer

There are a number of reasons to love hash oil, and having it for the vaporizer combines users of marijuana two favorite things. The clean, pure vapor with the higher potency of hash oil is too attractive for some to pass up. This is expensive, and making a homemade product sounds like a good plan. While making this for vaporizers sounds like a good idea, the big issue is safety. If using this method with this substance cannot be done with care, or if too many people are involved to take the proper precautions this practice can be dangerous.

People are moving toward the use of these devices quickly because of the ease and convenience of their use. There’s less chance of imposing on neighbors or roommates since the odor is far less pungent. Similarly this concentrate is clean and pure in extracted from and offers little scent when used. Some even believe that this concentrated cannabis actually helps them fight cancer. Still, if care can’t be taken while using it, then another method should be found.

What to Know Before Making This Concentrate

At a certain concentration hash will affect a very fast high. While this sounds great at first it should be considered that using at a point when you need to observe some care while enjoying it mandates some restraint. Physiological effects of a sudden powerful potent draw can include a racing heart, dizziness, strained breathing, and in some individuals it can trigger a panic attack. Since this is far from the normal buzz associated with smoking or vapor from cannabis in other forms other issues, from concentrates can include antisocial behavior, or a change in personality. Starting out slowly, and with small amounts is recommended until the user is able to discern the personal affect this substance will have.

Dangerous Solvents

Reading instructions on the vaporizer used is strongly recommended before using hash oil. Some vaps can heat up to 400 F. or beyond. Any solvent in the oil, can combust at high temperatures.

Have a Coach

Even with instructions for use having someone around who has used concentrated substances before is a good idea before using it for the first time. A coach can help if any of those using do not realize the effect this will have on them, or if the situation becomes dangerous in regards to using it with the vaporize while everyone using is experiencing the effects.

Getting the Alcohol

Do not use denatured alcohol. This is a poison. It’s not for human consumption, and drawing it into your lungs is a type of consumption. Use isopropyl alcohol, otherwise known as rubbing alcohol. You can also use high content alcohol products such as vodka, or Everclear. Rum is also fine if it contains a larger than average alcohol content. Keep in mind that any form alcohol is very flammable, and when under pressure this substance can be explosive.

The Cannabis

This doesn’t have to be great quality. In fact, many who make hash oil frequently use left over stems or whatever is left in a bag. You will need to soak the leaves whole or grind them. Some claim that grinding them right before soaking is best for flavor. It is important to make the concentrate in advance of using it, since the alcohol must evaporate naturally after soaking. Do not heat the cannabis while soaking until the alcohol is evaporated since heating alcohol can result in combustion.

When soaking you will need to put enough alcohol over the mixture to cover it completely and allow it to soak for 24 hours. The alcohol will turn green. Pour the mixture through a strainer and get rid of all the plant parts so only the liquid remains.

The Liquid

Let the alcohol evaporate in a bowl. This can take up to 24 hours. The substance will take on a tar like quality. Don’t heat the liquid to speed up this process, as again heat and alcohol are a bad combination.

The Result

The result looks like sticky waxy substance. Here it is necessary to read the instructions on the vaporizer to see if it this type of substance can be used in the chamber of the device. If not it will be necessary to melt it before placing it in the chamber. In some cases it’s possible to partially melt it before using it, as some devices are capable of heating the chamber very quickly.

Take Care While Using

This concentrate as already stated will be much stronger than using cannabis leaves or organic material. Best results are possible when those new to using this cannabis concentrate in a vapor do so in small amounts at a time. This will result in a much more pleasant experience than using too much too quickly.