How To Make A Waterfall Bong – The Easy Way

The waterfall is among the more complicated bongs to make at home, but many people want to try them for a very good reason. This device will get you more than buzzed on a smaller amount of cannabis than any other type of bong. The reason this works is becomes the smoke will be purer, but denser and each draw will contain more THC. When this enters the lungs the person will see an affect much sooner. Looked at from this standpoint the work going into creating the waterfall is certainly worth the effort.

Items Needed

As stated this is a more complicated do-it-yourself project than the average pipe. It’s a good idea to have the surfaces you will require ready, and cleared so you will have the space required in advance.

This job requires a lighter, a small drill or sharp knife, a metal pipe bowl or an average size pipe stem, a two-liter plastic bottle, and of course the weed you’ll be using.

This isn’t really a device that can be created ahead of smoking, although of course some parts can be readied in advance. Once the pipe is completely constructed however you can immediately use it.

If you can’t find a two-liter bottle it’s possible to use a smaller one. A larger three-liter container is usable, but this will make a larger bong than you might need, and will take more water.

If you are using a container that held something other than clear, odorless liquid you’ll want to rinse it completely in hot water. Check for any lingering odors as this could affect the taste when you inhale later. Strong odors can usually be dealt with by using a little baking soda as you rinse.

Lastly, you’ll need a sink or tub with a tap the fluid can run from continuously.

Getting Started

The first step is to make a hole in either the bottom or side of the plastic bottle. The hole should not be larger than a nickel, and should be as round as possible as this is where the fluid is drained, and where the smoke will exit. Think of this spot as sort of a super carburetor. You can use a drill to make this carb, but it must be enlarged to the size of nickel.

If you don’t have a nickel handy use the top portion of an average size person’s thumb for comparison.

The Cap

For many creators of this bong cutting or punching a hole in the cap is the hardest part. If you are using a drill this is easy, but with a knife you will have to exert some care. This opening has to be big enough to push the bottom of the metal pipe through it, but still remain airtight. If you make it too small you can simply try again, but if you make the opening too big you will need to seal around the metal pipe. This has to remain airtight so it’s necessary to use adhesive tape or if you can stomach it used chewing gum to keep air from escaping around the metal pipe.

The Tricky Part

Keep in mind that the waterfall will draw in a lot of smoke fast. If the bud you are using is too dry it will burn quickly, but too densely packed and it will burn too slowly. Grinding the amount you are using just before you start is usually the best way to get the most out of it.

When you are using the water from the tap don’t run it until it gets hot. Just as you would with normal bongs try to use cold only. This will help to cool the smoke, but still purify it.

  • Load the bowl, but don’t pack this too tightly as again density will make it burn slowly.
  • Hold the bottle in one hand, and hold a finger over the carb. Turn on the tap, and fill the bottle. Screw the cap with the loaded bowl on top into place. At this point you must quickly light the bowl while at the same time removing your finger from the carb. You should see the bottle fill with smoke.
  • With the bottle filled with smoke unscrew the cap and inhale. The smoke should be dense, and the inhalation should draw a super milky amount each time. Try not shaking the bottle as you inhale as this can result in getting an unpleasant splash of water in the mouth. Otherwise, this should result in the purist inhalation possible.

Some people have noted that if the bowl gets too hot the cap will start to melt as the heat affects the plastic. Watch for this, and remove the cap and the contents of the bowl should this start to happen.