How To Make A Homemade Vaporizer

Vaporizers are popular way to use either medical or recreational marijuana. The benefit of these devices is there is no flame involved, no combustion, so the draw from these is far purer than found with cigarettes. The downside for some is the price. It is possible to make a home vaporizer, but it’s necessary to do so carefully as these are more complex than a bong or water pipe. A few items you can find around the home are necessary for this construction. If you’d just like to save yourself from all the hassle of making one, you can simply buy one of those good quality vaporizers like the Ascent or DaVinci (Go to

What You Will Need

  • A Large Light bulb
  • Lid to a Ketchup Bottle (Plastic screw-on type, not a flat metallic lid)
  • Bic-style pens (regular size)
  • Knife or Box Cutter (sharp)
  • Tape (clear)

Time to Use Care

Right from the start the “taking care” portion of this DIY project starts. You will want to have a workspace such as a table or desk. Place something on the desk such as large plastic trash bag or flat towel to keep parts together to keep any smaller parts from falling off. Don’t use a fluffy towel as this will catch on pieces of this project and slow your progress.

Important Note

The light bulb should be large enough to use, but the bottom of your bulb will need to fit the ketchup bottle lid with only slight modifications. Have a good idea to this size as you look for the right bulb.

The Light Bulb

You will need to use a clear light bulb, and the larger sizes will work best. These can usually be found in many stores, so you might not need to visit a hardware store to find one. If you do find yourself in store that sells hardware through this is also a good place to pick up some tough, but clear adhesive tape and a knife or box cutter.

It’s necessary to cut a hole in the metal bottom of the light bulb. This is the part where the metal screws into the light. This is a delicate part your DIY operation, as you do not want to crack or break the glass. This can take some coordination, as you will grip the glass portion loosely while creating a hole in the top of the metal portion of your bulb that’s large enough to remove the metallic filament inside the glass portion. Fortunately, this filament is usually simple to pull out, as it is flexible.

Clean out the glass portion carefully using hot water and a paper towel. It’s important to clean this out as whatever is in this glass you will be drawing into your lungs.

Using the Pens

While this was never the intent of any designer of disposable pens they are more than suitable for the next task at hand. Pull out the metal nib and the ink in the middle. These look like a straw or tube in the middle of the pen. Again, it takes some manipulation not to put too much stress on the plastic casting as you do this. What you want is the two hollow tubes free of cracks or breaks.

The Ketchup Lid

If the hole at the top your ketchup lid isn’t a good size for the pen then enlarge it slightly with the knife or box cutter. Make another hole the same size then place the two hollow tubes in the holes. One tube is for drawing, while the other is for air exchange. Should the lid not fit perfectly over the bottom of your light bulb compensate with a generous application of the tape.

How to Use Your Creation

Place the marijuana fill or bud inside the light bulb and cap it with the ketchup lid. Place a flame beneath the bulb with a lighter and rotate the flame or bulb in circles. You want to heat the bulb to produce a vapor from the fill, without setting it on fire or burning it. When the heat remains in place too long you could burn the glass, as this isn’t made for that high a temperature. If burned the glass could burst, so careful is watchword when using this homemade device.

Drawing and Using

Again, this will take some coordination, as you want to draw from only one tube. Taking the flame away while drawing is a good idea until you are used to using this vaporizer. The vapor is clear, but if made correctly you will experience a much better, and far smoother taste than with a bong or cigarette.

The Cost of Your Creation

This shouldn’t cost more than an average fast food bill if you already have a knife or box cutter. This item is by far the most costly of all the other supplies needed other than the cannabis itself. This vaporizer can remain usable for several months if care is taken in using and storing it.