How To Make A Bong Out Of A Glass Bottle

While it might sound like something a younger, hipper MacGyver might do it is possible make a bong out of a water bottle and few house hold supplies. Yes, you will even get to use a paper clip, and adhesive tape just like the master of saving the day always did in the television series. In fact, this could be the most fun you’ve had with a do-it-yourself project since you were ten years old. To get started clear a space and have the strain of marijuana you want to use handy.

How to Make a Water Bottle Gong in a Few Steps

Step One:  You will of course need a bottle. This can be a two litter or smaller 16-ounce container. If you drank from it directly it should be cleaned and rinsed with hot water. If it still contains fluid drain this out into something as you can use this water later.

Step Two: As promised you need to find a paperclip with a sharp point at the end of its last curve. Un-bend just on curve so now you have sharp point, and sort of handle with other curved portion of your clip.

Step Three: Take a lighter and heat the sharp end of the clip. You will then use this to cut out a 1/8-inch hole about two inches from the bottom. If you live anywhere else in the world besides the U.S. then it’s a 3mm hole about 5 cm from the bottom. If you are using a smaller 16 ounce container than it’s ¼ inch for the hole or 6 mm. This placement is for the stem so don’t make the hole too big, as you will then have to seal it to keep air from escaping. This can be sealed with adhesive tape, used chewing gum, or anything that will keep the air from escaping.

Step Four:  Now you will need a tube to act as a stem. You can use a metal pipe, a hollow disposable pen tube or a number other options as long as the object is thin and hollow. The tube needs to go in at an angle so the bottom is near the bottom of your container, and the top part points skyward. It must have this type of positive angle or the water will backup into and get the bowl wet. The bowl getting wet will make lighting the substance very difficult.

Step Five: This is the part where you use the tape or gum to make sure the area around the stem is sealed and the fumes won’t escape.

Step Six:  Attach the bowl to the end of the stem. The bowl can be any found in a smoke shop, or fashioned from some type of metal. It’s even possible to use rolling paper loosely stuffed into tube. Do not use aluminum however, as this is dangerous to you health. People used to use aluminum all the time it was revealed this material does release dangerous elements into the smoke as soon as it reaches certain temperatures. This is the same reason it’s not used to actually heat food anymore.

Step Seven: Fill your new bong with water until the tube is covered with at inch of water. The bottom part of tube should be covered, but don’t fill it too much as the water will back up the stem. It will also cut down on the amount of milk you have in the chamber after you light up .

Step Eight: Put a carburetor hole or carb at the side of your bong with the same paperclip you made the other hole with for the stem. This opening should be about half way up the bottle, but be sure to keep it above the water line so it doesn’t splash water out. Too high up the chamber and it won’t allow enough airflow to mix with the smoke.

Step Nine: Now you can fill your bowl with the substance you’ve decided to smoke. Don’t pack it too loosely or it will fall through down the stem and into the bowl. Don’t pack it to densely either, as this will make it very slow to burn.

Step Ten: Cover the hole that you made for the carburetor with one finger, light the bowl and suck gently at the top of the container. Milk the chamber for more until you see a lot of white smoke. Let go of the carb, inhale the smoke as much as you want, and then exhale outside the bottle.

There, you have created your own bong. You can decorate it anyway you wish as long as flammable material isn’t placed to close to the bowl. When not in use remove the stem and bowl and dump out the water.