How To Clean A Vaporizer -Correctly

The differences between a joint and a vaporizer are many. A joint will produce a rank cloud of smoke, but the “vape” produces little odor. What many people do enjoy about smoking is when you are done you simply walk away. Cleaning is a necessary part of owning a vaporizer, but fortunately it’s not difficult and can be accomplished in less time than it takes to tidy up after making a sheet of brownies. Few items are needed for a clean up, but there are several things, which make the effort even easier.

What You Will Need

  • A small brush like an old toothbrush
  • Gloves
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • A sink with running hot water
  • Any new part replacement such as balloons or bags
  • Q-tips
  • Paper towels

Types of Vaporizers

Numerous designs for this system make it easy for the user to have exactly the type of experience they want. From large desktop units to small hand held models that fit in the pocket all of these are able to heat the fill of marijuana inside a chamber to temperatures that create a vapor rather than burning fill as happens with cigarettes. This makes the used mixture cleaner for those using it, and no matter the size it’s also simple to clean.

Most professionally made vaporizers will have cleaning instructions. It’s often not necessary to take much of the device apart to sanitize smaller hand held units, but some disassembly is often required for larger types of machines.

Cleaning Smaller Devices

Usually while following the instructions for cleaning that come with the unit, its only necessary to clean out the chamber and the tube or mouthpiece. To sanitize the chamber it’s necessary to remove or shake out any left over fill from inside. Then gently rub or scrub out the chamber as the instructions indicated. The mouthpiece itself should be thoroughly cleaned to avoid the build up of bacteria. Smaller devices will see little internal build up of residue from the fill outside the chamber and the tubing. Cleaning the chamber of these high tech small size units can usually be accomplished with a Q-Tip dipped in hot water. Once these are cleaned it is only necessary to wipe the external part of your device as you would any other electronic hand held device. Usually the external parts such as the screen can be gently wiped down with a dry paper towel. Some have found their best results with wipes

Cleaning Larger Units

There is typically a bit more work to completely sanitize the larger vaporizer units. Many who use these machines will have the easiest cleaning experience by spreading a trash bag or plastic covering over a table or on the floor so they can spread out the cleaning supplies and the unit once taken apart.

Using the Gloves

Using gloves will protect you from encountering either residue, or any bacteria on the mouthpiece. Usually thin plastic gloves are the best since larger gloves will make it harder to work with smaller parts.

Starting with Chamber or Bowl

With the gloves on open the chamber where the fill is placed and remove any small pieces or unused material from this area. Using the toothbrush or any brush with firm, but wire bristles and with a gentle brushing motion, remove out any remaining flakes into a trash bag. These flakes and residue will give the next fill of cannabis a stale taste if they are allowed to remain. It’s also a good idea to gently brush the screen and the slide. The slide is the piece on some units, which blocks the fill from getting blown into the bag.

The Housing

The housing part of a unit will often have a metal bowl which screws inside the device. If your device has this you will need to carefully unscrew and remove this to sanitize the housing. Check behind the housing to ensure that no fill or residue is trapped in this area. If this has occurred, then gentle remove it with the tip of a dry Q-Tip.

The Mouthpiece and Bag

Take the mouthpiece out if it is attachable and check here as well for material and residue. On the rubber pieces such as the tubing and mouthpiece sterilizing them with the rubbing alcohol is possible. There is no need to soak these, but running this through the tubing will remove the residue and discourage the growth of bacteria. After using the rubbing alcohol run these under and through hot water in the sink to remove any lingering traces alcohol. If not run through the water these parts will take on an unpleasant taste from the alcohol.

Put it Back Together

After cleaning it’s possible to put the device back together. At times it will be necessary to replace bags or balloons on the device. It’s best to return to the same manufacture and get the part recommended for the model you own.