How To Clean A Bong – Explained Fully

How to clean a bong? A dirty bong is more than just a housekeeping problem. Since the bong is created to remove impurities from the smoke these will linger if around in the bowl, and in especially in the bottom reservoir where the water is filled. Even if the water is dumped out quickly after use the entire water pipe should be carefully cleaned in order to ensure the best quality use each time. Some parts of a cleanup are tricky, but most people find once they have performed this task once it quickly becomes an automatic and simple process.

Taking It All Apart

This can be the scary part for those who have never done it. Taking the bong apart means you will need to put it back together. One benefit of marijuana use becoming less dependent of extremely underground manufacturer is that many bongs sold now are packaged with professionally printed quality instructions and diagrams. If you pipe comes with these can of information hold on to it, since when you perform a cleanup this will come in handy. This is especially true if the device’s design is complex.

The bowl and mouthpiece need definitely need to be removed and carefully sanitized, and if possible other parts should get this same treatment.

A complicated bong with several parts once dissembled will start to look even more complex as you attempt to put it back together. Note how everything fits together as you take it apart in order to put everything back without guesswork once you are done.

Using the Sink

Rinse all the pieces in before cleaning in hot water. You don’t have to use boiling water, but run the tap from the sink as hot as you can personally stand it while running it through each part.

Running water is best since just placing the items in the sink won’t direct a flow through each piece, and the flow will help to dislodge any substance clinging to the inside of pieces.

Cleaning the Smaller Pieces

A small towel or even Q-Tip can be used to sanitize the smaller pieces such as the ends of the stem. Rinse in hot water when this task is completed. Once this is done the pieces can be dried, and the water pipe can be re-assembled.