How Much Salvia Divinorum To Smoke To Get High

Whether you find yourself staring at a fresh leaf, or a packet of dried leaves the question of how much to use is an important one. The experience with salvia-D is fast, and usually powerful with just the correct amount. Over doing will not extend the experience, only intensify it, so it’s best to only take what’s really necessary to have an effect.

Availability and Usage

Salvia is readily available, and found in many head shops and online. Because it is legal in many areas there are those who make a common mistake regarding the use of herbs. This mistake is grounded in the belief that if a little is good, more will be better. In fact, effects are better with S. divinorum if the minimum amount required is used.

Salvinorin A is in reality one of the most potent psychoactive substances known. Taking this without measuring the dose is likely to cause either a limited reaction or a negative experience at the least. Using a measuring device that allows for measurement by grams is the best solution for getting an exact amount. If possible it’s best to buy in grams in the precise dose needed.

What is the Active Component?

Salvinorin A is the active component in salvia. It can be found in fresh leaves of the plant, in dried leaves, and in concentrated extracts. Taking more of this component does not offer deeper, or better experiences nor does increase the amount of time the experience will last. It will increase the intensity of the effects, often to the point where the person will only experience confusion, panic, or disorientation. Too much can also cause physical issues such as dizziness, racing heart, panic attacks, feeling anxious or feeling moody. Too much can also cause nausea or vomiting.

Few people end up seeking medical aid after having any form of silvia-D, and there are no reports of fatalities using this. Still, over use has sent some to the doctor with nausea and vomiting from taking too much at a time. The safety, and legality of this drug can lead some to have a cavalier attitude about the amount to use. Since it’s safer, and more productive to measure it through doing so is recommended.

Methods of Use

It’s possible to roll dried Salvia D into a cigarette or use it in a bong or vaporizer. Some chew the raw, fresh leaf, or chew the dried leaf. Extract can be taken alone, or used in a tea. Some have added extract to leaves when running low of enough to make a quid. Those doing should note this makes it more difficult to establish how much potency the quid will have.

It’s not possible to smoke the raw, fresh leaf so if this is desired it necessary to process and dry the leaf before smoking.

Starting Out

The first dose taken should not exceed 200 micrograms. Even those who have used other psychedelic drugs shouldn’t assume they might have a tolerance for salvia D. The make up and active components in this plant are completely different. Having a tolerance for one doesn’t create a tolerance for the other. The first time use should be no more than 200 micrograms for anyone no matter what previous experience person might have with other similar herbs or drugs.

When Using a Bong or Vaporizer

It’s easy when using a bong or vaporizer to assume the minimum dose suggestions are meant for cigarettes and not for this type of use. Actually there danger of using too much is higher in the bong and vaporizer since the individual will intake the active components faster, and in a purer form using these methods. While 200 micrograms might look small in the bowl or in the chamber this is the amount to use.

What is a Moderate Dose?

After the first few uses of salvia the individual interested in upping the dose will find that 1mg is a moderate dose. This should be enough for most individuals. A gram will contain roughly 50mg of salvinorin A. This is enough for the majority of users to see the most benefit from the herb. More will not really result in getting a better high and increases the chances of physical side effects.

What is Too Strong a Dose?

For the majority of users results seem to peak at 1mg and become problematic at 2 to 3mg. At this dose many report physical issues or other signs of discomfort.

Avoid Mixtures at First

Especially when starting out it’s best not to mix Divinorum with other drugs or alcohol. The effects of a mix are often unpredictable, and without knowing a person’s reaction to this psychedelic alone, mixing can cause discomfort or an increased chance of physical side effects.