How Much Kratom Should You Take – An Insight

One of the issues with understanding how much Kratom to take is the effects vary greatly per the dose taken. A very small dose will usually act as a pleasant stimulant. A slightly higher dose gives a bigger boost. At a mid range dose however the effect becomes one of a sedative. For generations this herbal leaf has been used for pain either as a light stimulant or a strong pain reliever. In much higher doses the effects of that feeling are that one is in a waking dream, or deeply at peace. It’s easy to see from this variety of effects this unique herb should be measured carefully when used in order to achieve the results desired.

How Does this Herb Work?

What is vital to understanding this herb is that not only are the effects of how much to take, but also the way the herb is taken. In a powdered form taken as a capsule this herb is easily measured, but for many people this isn’t the best way to take it unless completely satisfied and assured the capsule is being sold at in precise grams indicted. It is also harder to find the exact grams an individual wants in this form as most are sold in higher dose levels rather than the lower doses someone who wants a pain reliever or stimulant might want. Some have solved this problem by buying a capsule maker, and buying their own powder.

The easiest and least expensive way to have Kratom at the exact dosage desired is to buy the dried leaves and make tea. In this way it’s possible to have as much on hand as desired, and measuring precisely is possible.

The Measurements

Typically if the leaf is of good quality a teaspoon is considered between 1.5 and 2.0 grams. Another way to consider this is 1 milliliter of dried leaf is consider 0.3 to 0.4 grams.

When considering the potency of the tea a threshold or test dose would be 1 gram, and light dose would be 1-2 grams. The most commonly taken dose as a stimulant is 2 to 3 grams, and a strong dose would be 3 to 6 grams. For a mid-range dose from 10 to 20 grams will typically achieve the result as a painkiller, while from 25 to 50 grams is used for a euphoric state. It is strongly recommended that even if someone has been using other forms of pain relief or using an herb or drug to treat anxiety and wants a euphoric result not to start at 50 grams. Testing the drug effects a little over of time is the best way to avoid the only reported side effects nausea and drowsiness. Finding out how one responds to Kratom at mid range dose is better far better than having nausea at a higher dosage as the effect will likely be more intense. Those who find less effect than expected have often failed to use the best instructions for brewing the tea.

Your Own Preference

Knowing how much kratom to take really is a combination of both following the recommended guidelines, and knowing how much your body can handle. It really is a combination of the phrases “Everything in moderation”, “Know your limits”, and “Too much of anything is bad for your health”.

While kratom is the most natural product in the world (It does come from a plant after all), just like anything else that is enjoyable you should know your limits and not take too much too soon until your body has accustomized itself to the new substance.

Kratom really is a wonder drug if you take it slowly and steady and work your way up to the desired level of feeling that you require. Yet all too often people just want an initial rush, often overdoing it in the process and leaving themselves either feeling tired and groggy or unhappy with the experience. We can’t stress it enough – Start slowly and work your way up through the doses!

Where To Buy

Knowing where to purchase kratom online can be a tricky and daunting experience if you don’t know where to look. With a multitude of scams to be on the lookout for and in particular within this niche, its only a matter of time until you too fall victim. Luckily for our readers, we have been there, done that, and worn the t-shirt all too often, but it’s this experience that allows us to disect and examine only the most professional kratom retailers online. Click here now to see our findings!