How Much Do Bongs Cost?

How much do bongs cost? Pricing bongs, water pipes, ash catchers, stems and bowls is frequently complicated by the secrecy in which some shops and their customers must operate. Figuring out how much to spend on a bong is further complicated by the many different styles, designs and the various materials used in making water pipes. There’s also the ease with which many have found making their own bong. To look at it another way how much does someone personally want to pay for this apparatus, and what’s the lowest to highest price expected for what’s desired?


Changing Costs

What could be a problem is changing the current market rapidly is the changes in laws in the U.S. In some places the use of medical marijuana is now legal, and in one state recreational use to a certain amount of possession is now also legal. The changes have resulted in a vagueness of laws in the legality of selling anything related to smoking or using cannabis.

Changes in the cost could go down as the market sees more customers interested in these items, or it could go up as the demand increases even as marketers have legal concerns. Keeping up with the current prices is rapidly becoming more of a problem.

Knowing the Language

Another complication those needing to know how much this type of apparatus will cost will be the language used. Some sellers use different terms and phrases for what is essentially the same device. Often when shopping online it’s a good idea when shopping online to see pictures of the item before ordering.


The Smallest Least Expensive Bong


The price for a small bong can range in price from fifteen dollars in the U.S. to over $300. The difference here is in the materials and design of the bong. In a shop the smaller cheapest water piper could cost several dollars more as the shop must first buy the inventory, and justify the expensive of keeping it in their inventory. Other factors those looking for these apparatus must also contend with are the local economy. If some people can afford to pay up to twenty dollars for the same small bong then the shopper can expect to pay this amount.

Getting More Expensive

The design and function of a piece is another reason to expect to spend more money. Consider a work of art and science like the Pulse Glass Bong with Barrel Stemline Perc. This is a smaller pipe, but it’s also loaded with every comfort a smoker will want. With a double showerhead, glass disc screen, 50 slits and a splash guard this offers a great smoking experience. For this experience the purchaser will pay just under fifty dollars online. Offline again expect to pay up to sixty or more. Part of the reason that this device is double the price of the no frills apparatus of the same size is not only the extras, but also the name as Pulse is well-known in the bong using community.

Ordering Out of Country

Prices are often lower for those in the U.K. and the U.S. if they order out of country. Ordering from sellers in China, or the Czech Republic is often far less expensive than they will see locally or even from nearby online sellers. In some instance there is a lower quality of production, while in others the design, materials, and workmanship is actually of higher quality. The savings from a lower initial price is typically offset by higher shipping costs. In ordering from these distance locations it’s recommended to order several items at a time to defer these shipping charges.

Top of the Line

Some of the top of the line bongs will cost more than a vaporizer and possible more than a car or house payment. Those who aren’t pressured to budget when buying a bong can look for the award winners like the Liquid Cooling Spiral Blaze Glass. At around nine hundred dollars this has colorful orbit for its perc coils, and a 55 cm tall stand. Among its other features is it’s durably. When this per is placed in the freezer, the liquid in the bong can reach near freezing temps. The Frog Bong is another example of higher range water pipes albeit this one is priced at near five hundred dollars for its quirky visual appeal and artistic look.


Middle Range

It’s possible to have a artistic appearance, durability and style by looking at plastics or poly carbonate bongs. The Pythagoras Transformer Tubes at less than seventy dollars, or the Acrylic Water Pipe “Hashish” by BlackLeaf at less than sixty demonstrate you can find beauty and function for a reasonable price when you consider different materials.


Making a Deal

Lastly, if looking for lower prices can mean waiting for the right deals. Some online sites send out emails regarding sales, and shops will occasionally send regular notices to customers for a promotional sale. Being ready with the funds can help in getting the buy you want for the bong you need.