How Long Does Salvia Stay In Your System After Use

One the chief benefits of Salvia is that it doesn’t have an effect that remains in the system long after taking it. Those taking it usually return to normal activities within a few hours, and while new tests for blood screenings exist there is a very short. This is a drug that’s not often looked for in screenings for employment or for schools because it is one with a short-term effect.

Understanding Salvia divonorum

Salvia divinorum doesn’t have some of the same components as found in most drugs that offer those who use them an altered state of consciousness. In the human brain this compound is identified as being capable of giving a strong, but selective effect on the kappa-opioid receptor agonist. While there has been little research on this traditional herbal leaf evidence indicates that the psychoactive effects of leaves occur during the activity in these sectors of the brain.

Effects and Duration

The effects of the leaves of the Salvia plant have long been used by those in the areas around Mexico to perform religious rituals or to enter an alter state to change ordinary perception. Mind expanding thoughts, and relief from the being caught up in smaller day-to-day concerns is typically the purpose of using this plant now.

In chewing, smoking the leaves or taking a type of condense form of these herbal leaves many experience a brief period of seeing the world in a different way or have a brief feeling of contentment and euphoria.

There are different effects depending on the amount of leaves consumed or dose taken from the concentrated form, but typically those who use these will see the strongest effect for no more than 10 minutes, and a gradual decrease of effects that lasts typically no more than 30 minutes from the point of digestion.

Legal Status

In most parts of the world Silvia is legal, but some places in the U.S. do ban it. In the U.S. especially where drug testing is common for employment or if on probation the compound in this drug is seldom tested for unless there is a specific call to look for it. The tests used to find this drug in the body after use are more complex than used in most standard drug tests or screenings. Because this herbal leaf compound remains in the body for, such as short time it is seldom worth the effort of a test.

Duration in the Body

Just as the effects of this plant are short lived so too is the amount of time it actually remains in the body. Depending on a person’s own chemistry and metabolism traces of the drug are usually eliminated within 12 hours and few people will have detectable levels within 24 hours.

Part of the History of Mazatec

Chewing the leaves of this botanic were a part of the Mazatec culture and used to give those participating a different outlook and sense of being outside the norm for a few minutes during a ceremony. Order salvia from the top retailers online by clicking here now!