How Does A Marijuana Vaporizer Work

How do vaporizers work? Interest in vaporizers is high as more and more people are looking for healthy ways to enjoy a recreational high. Whether it’s tobacco or cannabis smoking has an obvious downside in the damage to the lungs, skin, and heart. Moving to other methods of enjoying these substances then is clearly important not only to those using them, but also to those who live around them. Second-hand smoke has become a serious concern, and the availability of systems not involving combustion or carbons are naturally more desirable. In looking at inhalation devices such as the Vaporizer understanding how they work can assure those concerned about carcinogenic by-products of a much lower risk.

The Boiling Point and Reducing Risk

The vaporizer unlike the cigarette doesn’t involve combustion. The bio-active THC, cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabinol (CBN) are released into the vapor only when heated to temperatures between 180 F to 365 F. Obviously these temps are far less than reached when burning the cannabis in a cigarette. It’s known that there are 483 identifiable chemical constituents in marijuana and 85 different cannabinoids have been isolated in the typical plant. The lower the temperature at which it’s possible to release the desired chemicals from the plant, without inhaling carbon as happens with cigarette the better for the user.

Using a method that doesn’t release carbon through smoke is recommended for both those who use marijuana recreationally, but for those who use this substance for medical reason it’s even more important. Those suffering chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, HIV or ADDS, epilepsy, or other debilitating conditions have found relief in using cannabis. Reducing the health risk caused by smoking is not only safer, but often more palatable and soothing for those requiring it for medical reasons.

How It Works

Technology and a rapidly expanding market have resulted in a number of different designs for having a soft cloud delivery rather than a harsh smoky experience. The modern vaporizer heats the herbal product in a chamber. Instead of actually setting the cannabis on fire, this heat produces a vapor mist that can be inhaled. The result is free of the sour carbon taste and odor. Most people who use these relate the smell as being reminiscent of popcorn. After choking on fumes from cigarettes for so long, many who try a “vap” are immediately impressed by the differences.

Convection Oven Method

The user of most vaporizers will load a compartment with a small amount of marijuana fill, and then simply press a button to operate the heat compartment. Some use butane, which is refilled exactly in the manner of lighter. Others run on batteries or power cords. No matter how it is powered there is no flame touching the fill. Instead operating much the same as convection oven the plants cannabinoids including the active THC molecules are stripped free and released as vapor. Unlike a bowl, or joint there is no smell cloud, but rather a far more discreet barely discernable puffing. The proud owner or the device puffs on a mouthpiece or straw-like tube.  The results are so pure those who use this for medical purpose such as asthma and cancer patients have fewer problems with inhaling.

Cool Enough to Hold in Your Hand

While the heating on the inside of the device takes only a few minutes the element inside is not felt externally. The user of the unit can hold it in the hand comfortably. Only the chamber is heated either by superheated air, or by an internal element. The only time the fill inside the chamber could take on a darker, or sour odor is when the chamber is almost empty, or if the cannabis is left in the chamber too long. There is no ash produced by this method, and very little cleaning to do other than to shake out unused fill and wipe away residue.

Variations of Devices

Along with a chamber some vaporizers use a balloon or thin plastic bag to collect the results of the heated substance. It is from this that the user will draw from using the mouthpiece or tubing. Typically these are found in the larger size devices. The only difference is in the timing since it is important to draw from the balloon quickly before the effectiveness of the THC is lost. The benefit of the balloon is the vapor is cooler, and the taste purer.

A number of choices exist, so deciding on a device can be difficult. The larger devices or often the selection of those who will use it for medical applications, and those who like to have friends over for recreational use also find these appealing. Smaller devices are easily carried in a pocket or purse, and because there is so little odor these can be used in more locations than the traditional cigarette.